Nissan Premieres Digital Electric Vehicle Education Series

Carmel Miguel
To further bring information about electric vehicles (EV), Nissan, one of the leading players in the EV market has launched its first education series to debunk false beliefs and create awareness about electric vehicles.

Nissan Premieres Digital Electric Vehicle Education Series
Nissan Premieres Digital Electric Vehicle Education Series

Showcased as a four-part series, the videos answer frequently asked questions about electric vehicles including charging, driving, and ownership. Featured on the series of videos are Australian explorer and environmental scientist Tim Jarvis, and founder of sustainable food business Broccoli Revolution in Bangkok Naya Ehrlich-Adam.

“Across the region, we consistently hear that people love the idea of EVs but many may not fully understand how EVs fit into their lifestyles or the usage basics. As the world’s first automotive manufacturer to produce a mass-market 100-percent electric vehicle, with more than 70-years expertise in this form of automotive technology, we wanted to help promote awareness around this topic,” said Yutaka Sanada, regional senior vice president for Nissan Asia & Oceania. 
“To provide some insight, Nissan is packaging and sharing our practical knowledge on electric mobility with customers, through the voices of real people as they experience the technology first-hand.”  

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Both owners of EVs, Jarvis and Adam shared their personal experiences and preferences on the said online educational series.

“This first-ever series is launched at a key time as the EV conversation grows and policymakers across the region race to accelerate the adoption of EVs,” added Vincent Wijnen, senior vice president for Nissan Asia & Oceania. 
“While the infrastructure develops, we aim to shed light for buyers on the truth behind EVs and debunk misconceptions on owning and driving such vehicles, such as the Nissan LEAF. Like any new technology, people crave information about how it works, in real terms. And it was important to share such tips in a relatable manner that buyers can understand, supported by Nissan expertise.”

The first video of the online series tackled about charging. Here’s a quick preview of important reminders on charging electric vehicles.
  • Similar to plugging a smartphone to charge, 80-90 percent of Nissan LEAF owners choose to charge their cars at home with the universal cable that comes with their car, mostly overnight. 
  • LEAF owners have the option of equipping their homes, offices or any useful place with a wall box, which provides a full charge within 5-7 hours - faster than standard socket charging.
  • It takes just 40 to 60 minutes to replenish battery levels to 80 percent via quick charging stations, often located in convenient areas such as shopping malls.

Watch the first part of the Nissan digital EV education series here.

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