5 Signs that you’re a Cool Techie Mom

Ciara Alarcon
Our moms are all unique and special in their own ways. However, on this article, let’s appreciate our cool techie moms who always adjust themselves to keep up with their tech savvy kids. With this, Argomall shared five signs that you are – or you have – a cool techie mom!

5 Signs that you’re a Cool Techie Mom
5 Signs that you’re a Cool Techie Mom

They know how to take a great selfie

While we all know that the best angles will surely give us an Instagram-worthy photo, techie moms understand that having the right equipment like a smartphone will allow them to take a great selfie. They know to maximize its features like its multi-camera setup, lossless zoom, low-light mode, and more.

They know which games to play with the right specs

Yup, gone are the days when our moms were just a Candy Crush Saga addict. Now, as they have the latest gaming handset, they can now play around with their kids who are enjoying Mobile Legends, PUBG, or maybe Fornite.

They have Smart wearables

Aside from flaunting the best OOTD, they match their style with their favorite smart wearables like smartwatch, smart earphones, and more.

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They don’t worry about losing power

Techie moms, who are always on the go, make sure that they have a power bank. They will never let themselves run out of juice because they have to answer emails, or to stay in touch with their family and friends.

They know how to spot a legit tech

Techie moms will never be fooled. They make sure that they get the best bang for their hard-earned buck. With this, they tend to visit trustworthy online shop like argomall.com when they are looking for a new product.

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