GCash Breaks through 50,000 QR Merchant Mark

Ciara Alarcon
GCash revealed that the company has finally breached the 50,000 mark in the first quarter of 2019, allowing consumers to enjoy the convenience of cashless payment.

GCash Breaks through 50,000 QR Merchant Mark
GCash Breaks through 50,000 QR Merchant Mark

GCash addressed that they eye to become as pervasive as their partner Ant Financial in China. Committed to leading this industry in the Philippines, the company has expanded from Luzon to Visayas down to Mindanao, as it aims to strengthen its presence in the country.

“Merchants and social sellers can leverage on the ubiquity of GCash in the Philippines, as well as benefit from this simple, cost-effective, and secure alternative to cash,” JM Aujero, Vice President for Merchant Solutions, addressed.

GCash believes that through this solution, they can empower micro, small, and medium enterprises in their journey to digitalization. Moreover, it provides a better performance evaluation of the business, as the system provides for QR transaction reports. Also, cash handling issues are addressed through the QR payment system.

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“Our aggressive stance in fighting for more QR-enabled merchants stems from the fact that everyday, more and more GCash users onboard the platform. Use cases for QR payments also continue to sprout,” Aujero added.

GCash explained that its QR Payment solution shows their commitment to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ goal to reduce cash payments, and increase the share of non-cash transactions to 20% of the total volume by 2020.

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