Huawei's New OS Is Not Launching in June

Ciara Alarcon
Contrary to recent reports, Huawei's new OS with codename HongMeng will not be launching in June 2019. However, it could be ready for the Chinese market in late 2019 and globally in 2020.

Huawei's New OS Is Not Launching in June
Huawei's New OS Is Not Launching in June

In case you missed it, when Google dramatically cut its tie with Huawei, news surfaced online that the Chinese mobile market came prepared with its own OS, which has been in the works since 2012. And if it is true, it might challenge the dominance of Android and iOS.

Reported by TechRadar, Alaa Elshimy, VP at Huawei Enterprise Middle East addressed that the company did not want to bring their new OS to market as they had “strong relationship with Google and others, and did not want to ruin the relationship.” Then, Elshimy noted that they will be rolling out the HongMeng OS next month.

However, Huawei reached out to TechRadar to explain that there has been some confusion inside the company. Later on, the brand confirmed that “the new Android-replacing operating system, codenamed HongMeng, will not be launching in June this year.”

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What we can look forward, though, is that the OS could be ready for China in late 2019 and internationally in 2020.

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