LG Announces New Commercial Refrigerators

Ciara Alarcon
LG Philippines recently introduced its new commercial refrigerator line – the 8.0 top freezer GR-N222SQCN and 7.0 single door GR-C331SLZB – enabling users to keep their products at the appropriate temperature to prevent waste, protect taste, and guarantee quality.

LG Announces New Commercial Refrigerators
LG Announces New Commercial Refrigerators

The LG GR-N222SQCN 8CF Top Freezer is equipped with the brand’s latest refrigerator technologies – the Linear Cooling, and Door Cooling+. With Linear Cooling, the temperature is always even to make sure that food remains fresh.

Moving on, Door Cooling+ directs air in the door area to the front of the fridge and the door basket area with the use of air vents. This cools items stored in the door area 35% faster than other devices without this technology.

The GR-N222SQCN also comes with an intensive circulation of cool air to eliminate moisture from both the freezer and refrigerator compartment. This prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice on interior walls, while it keeps power consumption low, as well.


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Meanwhile, the GR-C331SLZB 7CF Single Door adapts to consumers’ needs. It has a large capacity and a big vegetable box. The device uses high density insulation technology, which creates more usable storage space, too.

Unlike its brother, the GR-C331SLZB is semi-auto defrost, which means that users need to press a button to defrost their fridges.

What can you say? Do you think these new refrigerators can help your business?

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