San Beda University Partners with Blockchain Collective to Offer New Course

Ciara Alarcon
San Beda University has teamed up with Blockchain Collective – Australia’s first and only government accredited Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain – to empower students with proper Blockchain education.

San Beda University Partners with Blockchain Collective to Offer New Course
San Beda University Partners with Blockchain Collective to Offer New Course

Happened last May 2 to 3, 2019, San Beda University its first-ever Blockchain Accounting Workshop which was led by Blockchain Collective. The seminar aimed to arm 200 Accounting and Finance students with a solid foundation of blockchain knowledge. San Beda believed that this would make them more confident in taking up the CPA exam, or even when they are already a professional.

The two-day intensive workshop focused on practical and relevant skills, knowledge and examples of Blockchain’s uses, and its benefits and limitations as it relates to accounting and the financial sector. It also talked about blockchain's history, evolution, terminologies, current place in the market, and its potential to break through other industry sectors.

“There are lots of people who understood coding on the blockchain but when it came to actual strategic thinking on how to apply blockchain to business, that is when there’s a massive gap in the market,” Austin Lewinsmith, co-founder of Blockchain Collective, addressed.

Blockchain Accounting Workshop
Blockchain Accounting Workshop

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“We like to make sure that the students understand in the accountant’s prospective what blockchain is all about, because if you are not transparent about the transaction then many people will be losing trust in the transaction processing. And understanding this really will help our students become future professionals who really understand how technology affects corporate governance, and how it will also be affecting the business community,” Dr. Jackqui Moreno, Vice Dean-Accountancy and Business of the College of Arts and Sciences, explained.

Participants, on the other hand, received a lifetime access to Learning Management System and resources via online portal, seminar kits, online examination, and Certificate of Attendance – which was recognized around the world.

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