Xpanse to Become a Unicorn Tech Company

Ciara Alarcon
Penetrating the market a year ago, Xpanse is already on its way to become a Unicorn tech company – or a start-up brand valued at USD 1 billion.

Xpanse to Become a Unicorn Tech Company
Xpanse to Become a Unicorn Tech Company

For Xpanse, this is considered as a milestone since the chances of reaching this goal in the Philippines tech space are quite low. However, the company admitted that it also experienced a rocky road to finally establish its service.

As a background, Xpanse was founded by Josh Supan – a business graduate from Ateneo de Davao. With a goal to increase “.ph” brands, Supan teamed up with his childhood friend, David Marquez, one of the top Full Stack Developers in the country.  Marquez then recruited Jeremiah Abalos to lead the front-end interface and services.

The team focused on developing Noah, a cloud-based system that handles the order data to expedite the shipping process, in the first six months. Moving on, they started scaling up manpower-wise to help develop Xpanse.

Within a year, the company became profitable but it went broke twice before its official launch.

“This was my brainchild and I knew I had to be fully invested in it from the beginning,” Supan addressed. “The next hurdle was to convince brands to go online. I told them to take a chance on us, and they did. That’s when we started getting more profits,” he added.

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Now, many website development and shipping companies launched in the Philippine, but only Xpanse introduced both concepts. Supan explained that this allows them to be at a third of the price of its competitors. Moreover, it doesn’t just create websites but it also fulfills the order and ships it automatically.

Xpanse also noted that it eyes to expand its presence in Asia, and hopes to be a major e-commerce enabler in the continent.

If you’re interested in becoming a website developer at Xpanse, please send your resume to myki@xpanse.ph. For more information, you can visit its website here.

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