Samsung Delivers New Features in Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3

Clarke Velasco
Samsung has rolled out its latest software that delivers a clean and intuitive user interface, new health and fitness features, and improved battery optimization for the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3.

Samsung Delivers New Features in Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3
Samsung Delivers New Features in Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3

With the update, the wearables will have Samsung's One UI, which promises a cleaner and more simplistic interface designed to eliminate unnecessary distractions or visual clutter.

Users will also be given more control over their devices with streamlined and advanced settings including enabling/disabling Touch wake-up, controlling the frequency and timing of daily briefing updates and turning on/off Goodnight mode depending on the user’s personal sleeping habits.

They can also enjoy so much room for customization as the update comes with a wide variety of new watch face designs, previously available only on Galaxy Watch Active, from the Galaxy Store.

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As for the Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, and Gear S3's health and fitness features, Samsung Health now displays the Daily Activities screen when first launching the app, which features an at-a-glance daily summary of the user’s daily calorie, movement, and workout counts.

Tracking workouts was also made easier and quicker through both the widget and the Samsung Health app. Data is continuously synced from the wearable device to the paired smartphone –- keeping an accurate exercise log on both devices for easy daily tracking. The update also includes an additional workout for outdoor swimming tracking.

For health and wellness monitoring, the update packs a High Heart Rate Alert, which notifies the user if their heart rate exceeds a pre-determined level. Sleep tracking is more detailed,  showing the user’s average sleep range compared to the typical range for their age group for quick analysis and comparison.

With a number of new features, Samsung ensures that the wearables will still boast better performance and last longer hours with improved battery optimization. The update automatically closes background apps and amends settings that may drain battery life.

Like the other settings, users can also opt whether or not to customize preferred battery saving settings, including adjusting brightness and screen timeout settings, to achieve the best possible battery life without compromising on the user experience.

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