Angkas Slams Small Motorcycle Ban on Metro Highway

Ciara Alarcon
Angkas recently expressed its frustration over the “discrimination” against small motorcycle ban on metro highway, as sub-400CC motorcycles are now not allowed to use Osmeña Highway.

Angkas Slams Small Motorcycle Ban on Metro Highway
Angkas Slams Small Motorcycle Ban on Metro Highway

Backed by some motorcycle groups, Angkas also addressed that this move is not only anti-motorcycle-rider but also anti-poor. In a press briefing in Intramuros, Manila, the company explained that the prohibition of small motorcycles on the highway will affect a lot of commuters who rely on these main roads.

With this ban, motorcycles whose engine displacement is below 400CC, and which are coming from the East Service Road (Taguig City) can no longer use the northbound portion of Osmeña Highway starting from Sales Bridge (Pasay City). Hence, instead of directly heading to Osmeña Highway via small road connector that crosses the PNR track, the small motorcycles now must reroute to Pasong Tamo Extension before going to their destination in Pasay, Makati, or Manila.

Angkas Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs George Royeca highlighted that Angkas biker-partners will have to do detours into roads that are usually jampacked with heavy traffic.

Royeca pointed that Skyway O&M is the responsible for the ban – a private corporation designated by the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) to operate and maintain tolled roads under the South Metro Manila Skyway Project (SMMS).

Angkas, on the other hand, stressed that Osmeña Highway is not a tolled road, hence, it must be excluded from the list of expressways where sub-400CC motorcycles are banned.

"Why is it that only Skyway O&M Corporation is giving the order? Can a private corporation now dictate the use of public roads and facilities?" Royeca asked. "No private corporation has the right to dictate the use of public roads," he added.

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According to Angkas, there are currently over 27,000 Angkas riders based in Metro Manila, whose engine displacements range from 100CC to 200CC. The company also noted that there are only few motorcycle riders who have 400CC motorcycles.

Meanwhile, motorcycle groups are planning to stage unity rides and protests in the coming weeks to push for the lifting of the ban.

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