Dragonpay Launches SureTayo Mobile App

Ciara Alarcon
Dragonpay Corporation recently launched its own SureTayo mobile app, offering buyers and sellers a convenient, safe, and seamless transaction.

Dragonpay Launches SureTayo Mobile App
Dragonpay Launches SureTayo Mobile App

In case you missed it, SureTayo is Dragonpay’s third party that receives the payment from the buyer, and once the item was delivered and received, it will then send the payment to the seller. Hence, SureTayo has become a popular alternative payment channel that enables consumers to not worry about fraud and scammers.

Meanwhile, as it eyes to elevate its offerings, SureTayo has introduced its own mobile app that is designed to make transaction easier to facilitate and manage. It features a straightforward user interface, as well, that provides customer the things they exactly need.

Here are the six main features of the app:

  • Profile – on the main app dashboard, the profile button accommodates the seller’s information, and the link that they can share to their customers to place orders. With this, users no longer have to register on PC or laptops because registration can now be done through the app.
  • Order – the sellers can now create invoice through the app, all they have to do is click the order button and fill-up the transaction details. The invoice will be automatically sent to the buyer via SMS, email, or other messaging apps. On the other hand, the buyers will receive a message containing the link that they can use to pay via Dragonpay payment channels.
  • Transactions – once the payment has been settled by the buyer, the seller will be notified through the transaction button. This notifies users about the status of their transactions – from paying to shipping.
  • Payout – this button allows sellers to see their total earnings for the week, and when it will be transferred to their bank accounts.
  • FAQ – it contains several answers to basic questions or even the technical ones.
  • Rewards – SureTayo also offers special promos through the app.

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"We created SureTayo with the promise of making the seller-buyer transactions convenient, fast and easy, and I am proud to say that we were able to do it. While we achieved this feat, we in Dragonpay never stopped innovating. We developed the SureTayo app to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients,” Robertson “Dick” Chiang, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dragonpay Corporation, said.

You can now download the SureTayo app in the App Store and Google Play.

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