Redmi Teases a 64MP Smartphone

Ciara Alarcon
Redmi is working on a smartphone with a whopping 64-megapixel sensor. The company posted a photo captured by the device, suggesting that it will be available in the market soon.

Redmi Teases a 64MP Smartphone
Redmi Teases a 64MP Smartphone

Mobile brands were already bored with 48-megapixel camera, and it seems like they are now moving on to something’s better. In fact, Redmi has teased its 64MP smartphone through its first camera sample.

The Chinese mobile maker posted its first camera sample, showing a cat and a zoomed-in section of its eye. Impressively, the image has plenty of details.

The photo is accompanied by its caption “Redmi’s first 64 million pixel sample. Every detail is complete. The mobile phone officially entered the 64 million pixel era!” when translated in English.

Redmi didn’t reveal what sensor they use, but we can expect that it’s the new Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. Equipped with Tetracell’s pixel technology and re-selection algorithm, the GW1 can generate bright 16-megapixel images in low light conditions and 64-megapixel in well-lit settings.

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It also sports dual conversion gain, Full HD recording at 480 fps, and high-performance Super PD Phase Detection AF for sharper photos.

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Source: Android Authority, Redmi

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