Epson Unveils New Line of Digital Label Printers

Clarke Velasco
A lot of consumers judge the products in the market through their labels, and more businesses are relying on those to help build brand recognition.

Epson Unveils New Line of Digital Label Printers
Epson Unveils New Line of Digital Label Printers

Labels describe the product, list its ingredients or its size, explain its use, warn against misuse, and give valuable information such as the date of manufacture and batch number. The price label lets the customer know how much the product retails for.  And the label grades the product – it gives the buyer information on its quality, where appropriate.

And from the brand's point of view, the label has become a significant element of the promotional mix, helping to draw the customer’s attention and motivating the purchase decision.

Recognizing this, Epson introduced a new line of digital label printers that can reliably and cost-effectively fulfill the demand from end-users.

The printing technologies specialist's latest range of SurePress printers is designed to deliver exceptional print quality and accurate color reproduction, along with a versatility that can be tailored to meet various needs and budgets. Users cite print quality, turnaround speed, repeatability, and small text legibility as key benefits of the SurePress L-4033AW model.

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This flagship of the SurePress range is an easy-to-operate seven-color inkjet digital label press with white ink that makes high-quality, short-run label printing easier and more efficient, even on transparent and metallic substrates.

With its compact size, superior quality output, speed, and versatility, printers and converters are hailing Epson’s SurePress family of digital label presses as the ideal solution for all their digital label printing needs.

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