HarmonyOS: Connecting to a Simpler Life

Ciara Alarcon
Dr. Wang Chenglu, Huawei Consumer BG Software Engineering Dept President and AI and All-scenario Intelligence Business Unit Director, gave a speech at the TEDxHouHai event Driven by Pressure titled Connecting to a Simpler Life. During his address, he mentioned that the mobile Internet industry, which is based on smart phones, is in a time of transformation. He also spoke about how the Internet of Things' rapid growth would present a once-in-a-generation opportunity for market transformation. Dr. Wang also urged upstream and downstream players to work together to create a stable new environment and embrace the mobile Internet age.

HarmonyOS: Connecting to a Simpler Life
HarmonyOS: Connecting to a Simpler Life

Life is transformed by technology, and visions are nurtured.

"Technology can alter the course of human history. My childhood dream was to watch movies at home, which is now a reality in almost every country. "Cashless payments, online shopping, and ride-hailing have all fundamentally changed our lives as a result of the rapid growth of the mobile Internet," Dr. Wang said.
"However, the mobile Internet industry, which is focused on mobile phones, is clearly under pressure." "Global smartphone shipments began to decline in 2018," Dr. Wang continued, "and saw a year-over-year decrease of about 6% in 2020." Furthermore, since 2018, the average time spent on cell phones by users has stayed between four and five hours a day, suggesting that the market has reached a tipping point and must be transformed."
"What are the next era's growth prospects?" Our search for technical advancement never comes to a halt. With more and more intelligent devices in the hands of consumers, we want to make it possible for these devices to work together more effectively rather than operating in isolation, just as humans do. The aim is to create universal networking a reality and to combine multiple intelligent devices into a single, smart assistant."
"For example, when a smartwatch senses that a user has fallen asleep, the lights in the room will automatically dim, and the air conditioner will change the temperature to create a more comfortable sleeping atmosphere." It would be as though you had a full-time domestic helper. Exercise equipment linked to a wearable will act as your trainer, offering scientific exercise advice and real-time data analysis."
"However, since different devices use different operating systems, connecting them, much less achieving intelligence, is difficult. Devices must interact in one universal language to realize a connected lifestyle."

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HarmonyOS makes it possible for devices to communicate in the same language.

HarmonyOS is a next-generation operating system that allows different intelligent devices to communicate and collaborate in a single language. HarmonyOS will enable more devices to communicate and collaborate than ever before, resulting in a consistent, user-friendly experience across all platforms. HarmonyOS is also encouraging hardware producers to update intelligently and drive more traffic to intelligent devices other than cell phones. Industry change is being driven by these acts, which are intelligent and interactive.

Dr. Wang mentioned that Huawei hopes to have HarmonyOS running on 300 million devices by the end of the year. The company is looking forward to collaborating with industry partners to build a robust HarmonyOS ecosystem. More people will be able to fulfill their aspirations due to this, and customers will have an easier and happier life as a result of this.

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