Things You Need to Know To Become An i-Sabay 24/7 Driver

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Do you own a motorcycle and is seeking a way to make money with it? Then, better read along, as this article is made for you, especially if you want to be a driver or rider partner of the i-Sabay 24/7, the newest and fast-growing motorcycle booking service in the Metro.

Things You Need to Know To Become An i-Sabay 24/7 Driver
Things You Need to Know To Become An i-Sabay 24/7 Driver

What is i-Sabay 24/7?

Right now, there is not a perfect picture to paint the i-Sabay 24/7 apart from the fact that it operates similarly to Angkas. Yes, it is indeed considered as an Angkas competitor. It means that, unlike pioneers such as Uber or Grab, i-Sabay 24/7 is all about “ride-sharing” involving motorcycles, not cars.

i-Sabay 24/7, like Angkas, is essentially a “motorcycle taxi.”

As is true to the formula of the business, i-Sabay 24/7 has software as integral to its overall operation. Meaning, it would take an installed app in an Android device of i-Sabay 24/7 to actually avail of its service.

As for the label itself, the word “i-Sabay” seems like an ambiguous term suggesting “internet sabay,” which does not really mean anything than to combine both words; or “isabay,” which is the Filipino word for “tag-along.” “24/7,” on the other hand, makes for an obvious representation for “24 hours a day and 7 days a week”.

When did i-Sabay 24/7 was launched?

There is not much of a reference which discloses the birth of this supposed Angkas competitor.

Earlier promotional ads for the brand started on May 6, 2019, from its official Facebook account which appears to be in existence since 2010. The social media account was named “Isabay Twentyfourseven” before, but it is now changed to "i-Sabay 24/7."

Even before the said marketing material is launched, the same Facebook account displayed the brand’s logo for the first time on April 24, 2019. It showed a simplified image of a “scooter” in plain red coloration set at a black backdrop.

Five days later, on April 29, 2019, a link was posted at the page pointing to what appears to be the mobile application for i-Sabay 24/7 for the Android platform.

Looking into i-Sabay 247’s Google Play Store link, it showed that the app itself was last updated on July 13, 2019. Of course, this does not necessarily insinuate the launch date for the app, but it pays to know that the service itself is in active service. In fact, it says that there are more than 10,000 installs for both the passenger and driver apps.

i-Sabay 24/7 Area of Operations

The i-Sabay 24/7 motorcycle taxi is currently operating within Metro Manila, namely:
  • Manila
  • Quezon
  • Caloocan
  • Las Piñas
  • Makati
  • Malabon
  • Mandaluyong
  • Marikina
  • Muntinlupa
  • Navotas
  • Parañaque
  • Pasay
  • Pasig
  • San Juan
  • Taguig
  • Valenzuela
  • Pateros

i-Sabay 24/7 Area of Operations
i-Sabay 24/7 Area of Operations

In addition, they also recently started operations in Metro Cebu.

The i-Sabay 24/7 Apps

However, it is worth noting that the i-Sabay 24/7 app comes in two forms—one designed for the passengers and another aimed for use by the drivers themselves, the latter has a black background, while the former has white.

How to Apply as an i-Sabay 24/7 Driver?

i-Sabay 24/7 currently does not have a live website, yet, and there is not much information on the internet regarding how interested individuals can apply for the role of a driver.

i-Sabay 24/7 Driver Application
i-Sabay 24/7 Driver Application

However, if there was one reference which seemingly makes the up and coming business to be a real thing, it has got to be its work-in-progress website which showed a “COMING SOON” sign as printed in all caps on a fully blanketed motorcycle.

It is safe to say that despite all the marketing efforts, i-Sabay 24/7 is not in full operation just yet.

But “not yet in actual operation” does not mean that the newly-established brand is not active in seeking applicants to partake in its money-making scheme. Albeit quite obscurely, i-Sabay 24/7 is taking application via this means:

  • Download the driver app of i-Sabay 24/7 from Google Play Store.
  • Register by fulfilling the needed information and requirements (for more info about the requirements, go through the registration procedure) from the registration process.
  • If your registration is already “pending for approval,” visit the scheduled “Activation Day.”
  • To claim your schedule, visit this page and inquire for it, there are more than 25K members in there.

When attending the Activation Day, make sure to bring along with you the needed requirements and, equally as important, your own set of two wheels. Your attendance does not require a fee.

Ensure that you bring all the requirements during the activation day, it must be complete, "to follow" is not allowed. The requirements are as follows:

  • NBI (updated)
  • Barangay or Police clearance
  • ORCR ( must be clear and readable for photo image)
  • Driver's License (pro or non-pro)
  • Authorization Letter and ID of the owner, if the motorcycle is not registered on your own name
  • GCash Number/Account

Once your identity and registration have been confirmed, the driver app installed on your device will become “activated,” which officiates you to doing business.

Subsequently, there is also an orientation that is going to happen during the Activation Day. Expect to spend a little bit of your time in the venue after having activated your i-Sabay 24/7 driver account.

Why choose to become an i-Sabay 24/7 Driver?

i-Sabay 24/7 seems keen beating Angkas in its own game that it is offering perks to willing applicants that is much better than it and against other brands in general. According to the marketing material, it launched last May, becoming an i-Sabay 24/7 gives the following advantages:

  • Bigger commissions for every ride!
  • When others in the business are only giving away 20% to 30% of the overall earnings per day, i-Sabay 24/7 only charges Php10 to every driver per ride.
  • It’s aimed for motorcycle owners who also work!
  • You do not necessarily have to be out from traditional employment to become an i-Sabay 24/7 driver. For those motorcycle owners who work in the office, they can create extra cash by becoming a driver on their way home. This is made possible with the app’s “Set Destination” feature.
  • You can make booking of passengers!
  • Potential passengers who are keen in making planned trips can make an advanced booking with i-Sabay 24/7 which gives drivers guaranteed income. The advance booking feature is an especially neat element in the app that creates and foster patrons. It also means that the greater the number of supporters each driver make, the higher the possible income.

i-Sabay 24/7 Video Tutorial URLs:

Things to remember as an i-Sabay 24/7 Driver

1. The drivers need to purchase a subscription inside the app, which is basically needed for them to use the driver's app. Drivers can use their Smart or Globe SIM to purchase, the corresponding subscription amount will be deducted to their prepaid load. The fees are as follows:

  • Php99 - 5 days validity
  • Php199 - 15 days validity
  • Php249 - 20 days validity
  • Php299 - 30 days validity

2. The remittance of the Php10 per ride commission must be done every week thru GCash, which we believe is during Saturdays. This means that you must remit the total amount for that week, for example, 50 rides in a week multiply by 10 pesos, is equal to 500 pesos.

Why should consumers support i-Sabay 24/7?

i-Sabay 24/7 Motorcycle Taxi Fare
i-Sabay 24/7 Motorcycle Taxi Fare

Apart from the clean features which make the i-Sabay 24/7 app convenient and safe service to use, the motorcycle taxi business also offers the best value for money. At only Php50 for the first 2Km (and 10 pesos for every succeeding kilometer), the i-Sabay 24/7 offers the cheapest rate to date. Moreover, there is no surge pricing, which basically means that the fare during rush hours and dead times are the same.

i-Sabay 24/7 Future

There are still lots of things we need to learn about the i-Sabay 24/7, such as its founding members, business registration if there is any, and government accreditation to name a few. If there will be new information or other details that we can gather, we will update this post accordingly.

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