Pilipinas Shell Launches “BiyaHero” to Make Safer Roads for Filipinos

Ciara Alarcon
Pilipinas Shell recently unleashed its “BiyaHero” – short for Be a Hero on the Road – campaign, which bridges the gap between private and public sectors to deliver safer roads for Filipinos.

Pilipinas Shell Launches “BiyaHero” to Make Roads Safer for Filipinos
Pilipinas Shell Launches “BiyaHero” to Make Safer Roads for Filipinos

BiyaHero is a campaign that eyes to promote road safety as a shared responsibility between Filipinos. To strengthen its position, Pilipinas Shell has teamed up with European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), the Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP), and the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP). With this partnership, the company hopes for more cooperation between the NGOs and local governments.

BiyaHero is currently working with the AAP-PGRSP to introduce safer driving practices in Lipa, Batangas, while the City of Mandaluyong served as the campaign’s pilot city for all Shell’s road safety efforts.

Meanwhile, the company revealed that they aimed to spark discussion among safety and logistics stakeholders about how they could contribute to mainstreaming safety by exchanging ideas, initiatives, technology, and best practices.

“We at Shell believe the first step to achieving road safety is to be award of responsible driving practices,” Oliver Ortega, Shell Companies in the Philippines’ General Manager for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, addressed.

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“Road safety starts with all of us, and being aware, alert, and prepared can help save lives,” Ortega added.

Shell has also prepared several measures that involve numerous organizations to help promote road safety. These include their premium-like service centers, road safety programs and trainings, and partnerships.

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