NTT Releases “Future Disrupted” Tech Predictions for 2020

Ciara Alarcon
Leading technology services provider NTT Ltd. has released its Future Disrupted: 2020 technology trends prediction, suggesting that data, automation and IoT will power up virtual societies for a better digital experience.

NTT Releases “Future Disrupted” Tech Predictions for 2020
NTT Releases “Future Disrupted” Tech Predictions for 2020

NTT’s predictions highlighted the most critical technology trends, which companies should be aware of next year. Moreover, they also suggested the steps they need to take to address these trends.

The company gathered key insights from its technology experts, allowing them to outline trends that will shape the industry throughout 2020. The outline includes six key areas, such as Disruptive Technologies, Cybersecurity, Workplace, Infrastructure, Business, and Technology Services.

Meanwhile, some of the disruptive technologies from the predictions include Digital Twinning; Building trust through digital interactions; Immersive, responsive, ‘phygital’ spaces; Smart buildings; and Data wallets.

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In addition, NTT claimed that mainstream would also adopt disruptive technologies in 2020, and will finally see data, automation, and IoT technologies team up for smarter connected cities. With this, the firm predicted that smart cities and IoT will become the norm as they deliver improved productivity, growth and innovation across the regions.

In case you missed it, NTT is a newly-formed company that gathers 40,000 people from 32 brands to serve 10,000 clients around the world.

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