Restaurants Must Implement Digital-first Tech Approach Now – GenieTech

Ciara Alarcon
As different industries continue to embrace digitalization to upgrade their services, leading solutions provider Genie Technologies, Inc. (GenieTech) recently revealed that restaurants must start implementing the digital-first tech approach now to thrive in this changing landscape.

Restaurants Must Implement Digital-first Tech Approach Now – GenieTech
Restaurants Must Implement Digital-first Tech Approach Now – GenieTech

GenieTech – together with its partner NCR Aloha – gathered restaurant owners, operation managers, and heads of the IT department to discuss this trend through a series of events and focus group discussions.

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With a theme of "#Digital 1st: Restaurant Technology. On-premise. Off-Premise and Everywhere in Between," the discussion provides insights about fixed and mobile POS software and hardware, payments, mobile alerts, and advanced reporting, as well as a self-ordering Smart Kiosk, Smart tablets, and Smart Codes for restaurants to upgrade same-store revenue and customer satisfaction.

Restaurants are now realizing the benefits of taking on a digital-first approach because of the many ways that it can help maximize every interaction with your customers, manage the pace of technology and lower the costs of running a restaurant,” said Nava. “For restaurants in the country, they need to take advantage of the available tech tools and systems so they can reap its benefits.

It also highlighted the concept of breaking free from behind the counter, and serving customers with mobile POS capabilities, opening up new digital channels for restaurant, driving brand loyalty and reward your best customers, and reducing labor and food costs with inventory and employee management.

To know more about GenieTech and NCR Aloha, you can visit this link.

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