Complete Your 12.12 Shopping List with the help of PayMaya with these Budget Tricks

Ciara Alarcon
Now that Christmas is fast approaching, consumers are now busy looking for the best gifts that they can give to their loved ones. This is also the season wherein treating yourself sounds inviting, because after all, you deserve it.

Complete Your 12.12 Shopping List with the help of PayMaya with these Budget Tricks
Complete Your 12.12 Shopping List with the help of PayMaya with these Budget Tricks

However, it’s hard to score all the things you want this holiday season if you’re currently on a budget. So, our team came up with some cool tricks to complete your 12.12 shopping list without breaking the bank! Here’s how:

Create your shopping list

Before going to malls and checking online stores, it’s important that you have already created your shopping list. If you’re planning to buy presents, enumerate your target gift for a specific person. With this, you will not be overwhelmed by the number of options that will be offered to you.

Allocate estimated value for each item

Once you’re done creating your shopping list, do not forget to allocate the estimated value for each item. This is to make sure that you won’t spend money beyond your budget. For instance, when you find one item, check if its price matches your estimated value. If not, look for more options that can fit into your budget.

Start with the most important things

When shopping, you must start with your priorities. Keep in mind that you have to complete your shopping list first before buying additional stuff. Always remember that being exposed to more products might steal your attention, hence, you might end up buying items that are not included in your shopping list. So, it’s better if you will stick to your plans and look for the most important things first!

Resist temptations

Once you completed your shopping list, resist buying more items that are not included in your original plan. Remind yourself that you have already set your budget, and you must follow it. Because if not, you might spend too many bucks on things that you don’t really need.

Look for promos

This holiday season, different brands are offering exclusive deals. For instance, Lazada and Zalora are both having their 12.12 grand sale, wherein you can score cool products at discounted prices. Buying online will allow you to save more money and time, too.

On the other hand, physical stores also offer different promos. You just have to check their schedules, but it usually happens during payday and weekends.

But if you really want to save more money, use PayMaya! This Christmas, you can get up to 100% cashback when you purchase at least Php100 worth of items online or in-stores using your PayMaya virtual or physical card.

PayMaya also revealed that consumers will get a fixed, one-time cashback of Php150 when they accumulate Php5, 000 worth of transactions with a virtual or physical card.

Users can even shop on Lazada to score up to a 30% discount or up to Php150 off when they redeem their collectible PayMaya voucher from the Lazada app. To enjoy this, you must spend at least Php500.

There’s more! Consumers can also pay via PayMaya QR to get up to 100% cashback or up to Php500 rebate when they buy in their favorite establishments. PayMaya is also giving off up to Php150 cashback when users accumulated Php5,000 worth of transactions with PayMaya QR.

In addition, users will receive two chances of getting of up to100% cashback when they #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR on December 14 to 15, 2019. Just note that you must spend at least Php100, while PayMaya explained that the maximum cashback per user is Php500.

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Moving on, consumers who will pay via PayMaya QR at Robinsons Department will also get a chance to be one of the lucky winners of the new Apple iPhone 11. To earn one raffle entry, you only have to #ScanToPay at least Php100 worth of transaction via PayMaya QR.

In case you missed it, PayMaya is a mobile payment app that you can download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Through PayMaya, consumers can shop online and in-store, buy gaming pins, buy prepaid load, send money, pay bills, and pay via QR.

PayMaya also offers different promos for its loyal users. You can check out their latest deals at

Get all these awesome perks by signing up for PayMaya. Don’t forget to use my code: ANJIEPAYMAYA to get instantly get a P50 reward! Basta shopping, don’t pay cash. PayMaya!

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