LexMeet Mobile App Makes Legal Services More Accessible

Ciara Alarcon
Mobile app LexMeet recently launched in the Philippines, providing easier access to affordable legal services.

LexMeet Mobile App Makes Legal Services More Accessible
LexMeet Mobile App Makes Legal Services More Accessible

LexMeet is the country’s first legal solutions mobile app. It aims to bridge the gap between clients and lawyers by simply downloading the app on a smartphone or computer. Through LexMeet, clients can receive legal advice, legal documents, and legal remedies online, at their own convenience.

The app has introduced three new features, such as Assist, Consult, and Everyday Law.

Assist is a free legal crowd-sourcing platform for initial assessment of client’s problem. Through this, the client will know if he/she really needs a lawyer or if he/she really must file a case in court or not.

Consult, on the other hand, is a prepaid online legal consultation platform using video conference with lawyer-client matching algorithm. They can conveniently choose the date and time of their consultation, plus they can also meet their preferred lawyer via the in-app video chat feature.

Meanwhile, Everyday Law is a daily blogs/vlog that provide free legal information.

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Currently, LexMeet has a total of 29,784 clients served by a pool of 452 lawyers, solving a total number of 26,525 legal problem.

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