Accenture Technology Vision 2020: Right Mix of ‘Value’ and ‘Values’ A Key in Surviving Digital World

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Enterprises should find a way to implement balance in creating business value and meeting their customers’ and employees’ values and expectations in order to survive to adapt to the digital trend, according to the latest edition of Accenture’s annual report.

Accenture Technology Vision 2020: Right Mix of ‘Value’ and ‘Values’ A Key in Surviving Digital World
Accenture Technology Vision 2020: Right Mix of ‘Value’ and ‘Values’ A Key in Surviving Digital World

The study entitled “We, The Post-Digital People: Can your enterprise survive the ‘tech-clash’?,” the 20th edition of Accenture’s yearly study which predicts the key technology trends that will redefine businesses over the next years, related that while people have inculcated technology in their way of living, businesses’ attempts to meet their needs and expectations can fall short. As enterprises are realizing to deliver their digital promises, a new approach should be administered.

In the digital age, “tech-lash” is a common word that relates to a potential backlash against technology. In Accenture’s study, they redefined it as “tech-clash” -- a clash between business technology models and how it can be apt in meeting people’s needs and expectations.

Citing their previous findings for the Accenture Technology Vision report, 83% acknowledge that technology has become an inextricable part of the human experience. As part of the research this year, Accenture also surveyed 2,000 consumers — 70% of whom expect their relationship with technology to be more or significantly more prominent over the next three years.

According to Accenture Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Paul Daugherty, the said tech-clash originated from how businesses will make their digital products be at par with their customer’s expectations.

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He reiterated how some organizations developed digital products without considering the human, organizational, and societal consequences.

“Today, we’re seeing a tech-clash caused by the tension between consumer expectations, the potential of technology, and business ambitions — and are now at an important leadership inflection point. We must shift our mindset from ‘just because’ to ‘trust because’ — reexamining our fundamental business and technology models and creating a new basis for competition and growth,” Daugherty said.

The said report warned that the continuation of existing models have higher chances of having irritating customers and disengaging employees, and could permanently limit the potential for future innovation and growth.

In order to address the ‘tech-clash,’ Accenture listed key trends that companies must address over the next three years which include designing personalized experiences, utilizing AI for work augmentation and not for a human replacement, the intelligent use of robots amplified by 5G technology, and establishing the company’s digital DNA.

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