7 Tips To Keep Family Safe at Home

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As an old saying goes, home is where the heart is. But at times of unrest like the current situation the world is in, home is undeniably where safety is. While the enhanced community quarantine is still implemented and won’t be lifted until the end of April, here’s a refresher on how to keep things at check inside your home.

7 Tips To Keep Family Safe at Home
7 Tips To Keep Family Safe at Home

1. Properly wash your hands always.

The first line of defense against germs and viruses is through thoroughly washing your hands. According to health authorities, 20 seconds is ample time to kill germs and viruses lingering on your hands. Remember to use soap with water, and a sanitizer with 70% alcohol.

2. Refrain from touching your face and always wear a mask.

If one member of your household is feeling sick, it’s important to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of viruses. The authorities have also repeatedly reminded about not touching the mouth, eyes, and nose, as these are outlets of the virus to enter the body.

3. Keep your gadgets clean.

Gadgets and devices are among the things that are frequently-touched and used by people. Studies have concluded that viruses, including what causes COVID-19 can survive on smooth surfaces, including electronics, for days, so it’s advisable to always sanitize devices using 70% alcohol solution and a microfiber cloth.

4. Be productive at home.

Since everyone is advised to stay indoors, it’s important to sync your routine to accommodate work tasks even while at home. A must to be able to work remotely is a stable and fast internet connection -- something that PLDT Home Fibr can deliver.

Here’s some good news! PLDT Home has rolled out free speedboost for all Fiber subscribers in areas of Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, and Cavite, giving a minimum speed of 25 MBps until April 30.

5. Keep family members and friends updated.

Apart from its essential for work from home employees, an internet connection is of utmost importance during these times as it helps us stay updated not just on the latest news but also about the status of our family, relatives, and friends.

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6. Read and share only verified information about COVID-19

Now that fake news is spreading like wildfire, it’s also a must to always cross-check information you see online. In a bid to fight misinformation, PLDT Home Wifi and PLDT Home volume-based plan subscribers may access government and news websites including the Department of Health (DOH), National Disaster and Risk Reduction Management (NDRRMC), and Philippine Information Agency (PIA) for FREE.

7. Always stay connected.

Keep in mind to always stay tuned to official channels of information, may it be on TV, radio, or social media. It’s also helpful to keep a list of COVID-19 hotlines and designated emergency numbers. For your reference, here are important contact details government agencies and healthcare institutions to take note of:

COVID-19 hotlines of government agencies and healthcare institutions
COVID-19 hotlines of government agencies and healthcare institutions

Remember, it helps to do your part and #StayHome to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For more information about connectivity options offered by PLDT, visit www.pldthome.com.

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