Lernnex Promotes Adaptable Communication Amid COVID-19

Anjie lou delos Reyes
In the midst of a global health crisis, the way the world moves and people work encountered a significant shift, and among the factors that are most affected is communication.

Lernnex Promotes Adaptable Communication Amid COVID-19
Lernnex Promotes Adaptable Communication Amid COVID-19

With the end of COVID-19 still nowhere in sight, individuals and corporations have adapted to the “new normal” that includes work-from-home setup and social distancing.

Recognizing this, innovators Jerry Ilao and Rio Ilao invented Lernnex, an Online Learning Management System (LMS) targeted to bring a timely solution for adaptable and agile communication.

First introduced in 2018, Lernnex provides an efficient way for companies to communicate and engage with their respective staff and employees through the virtual space.

Apart from this, Lernnex is made to be cost-effective as it also allows training for employees even while inside the comfort of their homes, promoting continuous learning through modules, manuals, and policies onboard the platform.

According to Jerry, they made Lernnex with convenience and cost-efficiency in mind.

“When we had developed Lernnex, we had found a unique opportunity for learning and training. Every company conducts numerous training programs throughout the year – whether that’s an orientation for fresh hires or learning modules for their staff,” he said.
“But with the busy schedules of trainers and personnel, and the logistical challenges of hosting these pieces of training on-site (especially now), allowing staff to access these materials remotely is not only convenient but cost-efficient for operations,” Jerry added.

Lernnex also offers customized materials tailored to what companies really need. This is achieved through close collaborations with clients to transform content into engaging, interactive sessions and modules apt for modern learning.

“Lernnex allows you to set the standards in training and allows employees to access these at their most convenient time. They can watch or read materials while in transit, during their break, or even when they’re at home,” adds Jerry. 

Through Lernnex, organizations may host remote training, orientations, and live stream sessions where they can share manuals, technical guides, videos, policies, and other corporate materials essential in leadership and skills development.

Companies also need not worry about security since Lernnex has the same encryption technology used by Netflix to ensure that confidential assets remain confidential.

“With Lernnex, the possibilities for learning, communication, and engagement are limitless. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you design a system that best fits your organization’s learning and training needs at this most urgent,” Jerry said.

For more details, visit www.lernnex.com or send an inquiry through lernnex@mobileoptima.com.

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