The Key Role of Technology in Boosting Customer Experience

Anjie lou delos Reyes
According to printing technology firm Epson, small- and medium-sized enterprises in the ASEAN region consider managing customer experience as one of the top five business challenges they face.

The Key Role of Technology in Boosting Customer Experience
The Key Role of Technology in Boosting Customer Experience

In order to meet the demands of the modern-day customer experience, businesses need to consider making smart investments in technologies to be a standout in the dense, competitive market.

Among the key trends influencing customer spending and preferences in Asia today are personalization of services and experiential, event-based shopping set-ups.

As e-commerce continues to emerge, online shoppers look for an interactive shopping experience as well as a wider range of products and payment choices for convenience.

To address these changes, retailers and F&B operators must build more agile business processes that optimize the use of technology, in order to enrich the customer experience and generate data insights that analytics can turn into lasting value.

Included in the available technologies which can be utilized include the latest printing and projector technologies which can be used to create and generate marketing displays and product labels.

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Also a good idea is laser projectors being used for unique signages displayed on walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as in-house label printers for on-the-spot, personalized product packaging based on customers’ preferences.

There’s also the intelligent point-of-sale (POS) printers with wireless connectivity which allows businesses to serve customers anywhere. This can be used in directly printing from web applications for online purchases and orders, therefore reducing customer wait time.

Leveraging products like those that are mentioned also marks the digital transformation of a company. According to an Epson survey, customer interaction is an essential part of the digital transformation journey of SMEs in the six largest ASEAN nations.

Revenue is also proven to grow by 23 percent, according to the said survey, when brands focus on customer experience.

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