Smart GIGA Stories 99 Now With 18GB Data; Still For Only 99 Pesos

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For a limited time only, that's from July 17 to 19, all Smart GIGA prepaid offers will have additional free 2GB of open access data. This means that the Smart GIGA STORIES 99 now has a whopping 18GB of total data inclusions.

Smart GIGA Stories 99 Now With 18GB Data; Still For Only 99 Pesos
Smart GIGA Stories 99 Now With 18GB Data; Still For Only 99 Pesos

Again, all GIGA and GIGA+ promos will now have an additional 2GB of open access data. This means that when you subscribe to Smart GIGA STORIES 99, you will have a total of 18GB of data. That is 2GB of open access data plus 2GB additional open-access data and 14GB (2GB per day) of data for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. The same is true when you subscribed to GIGA STORIES+ 149. However, there is a catch, you must subscribe to using the new Smart App.

For those who will subscribe to GIGA STORIES 299, 399, and 499, as well as GIGA STORIES+ 449, 549, and 649, you will have a massive 60GB of free data on top of the 6GB (4GB+2GB), 8GB( 6GB+2GB), and 10GB (8GB+2GB) open access data respectively.

Take note that this promo is until July 19 only. This promo is also available for TNT and Smart Bro Prepaid subscribers.

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We know that most users will still prefer to have large open access data, but we believed that this offer is already great, especially for those who are frequent users of FB, IG, TikTok, and Twitter. And, with the 2GB per day, that's already a considerably good amount of data that you can use, not only for browsing and checking the said social media channels, but also to learn new things.

Yes, you can use the search bar of Facebook to look for something and answer questions on your mind, among other things. For example, if you type in the FB search bar "how to solve compound interest," there will be lots of videos available explaining this particular math lesson. Yes, it is not as powerful as Google, but you will definitely get some answers to any question you throw at it.

In addition, you can always use Facebook Messenger to call someone if you have a lesson or topic that you don't understand. You can also utilize Facebook Group or FB Messenger as a message board to posts updates, ask questions, create a poll, share experiences, or even upload learning materials.

How about you? What can you say about this promo? In case you want to know other Smart Prepaid offerings, check out our Complete List of Smart Prepaid Promos for Texts, Calls, and Data (Internet).

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