Taiwan Showcases Smart Machinery Industry to Boost Safe Manufacturing

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Amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, Taiwan, a country leader in innovation, maintains its reputation in smart machinery globally with its capability to deliver quality, price, and service, making it a significant player in the worldwide ICT scene.

Taiwan Showcases Smart Machinery Industry to Boost Safe Manufacturing
Taiwan Showcases Smart Machinery Industry to Boost Safe Manufacturing

In a recent online press conference, Taiwan Excellence, an international campaign to promote the country’s products, highlighted Taiwan’s smart machinery companies with advanced smart manufacturing solutions that can aid global manufacturers in automation and upgrade.

The e-conference featured eight companies, including Chin Fong, FFG (Feeler), Grintimate, HIWIN, Manford, Solomon, She Hong (Hartford), and Tongtai.

While physical exhibitions are postponed and canceled due to the coronavirus situation, Taiwan Excellence still made it possible for buyers to virtually browse through 60 various products from 50 Taiwan Excellence brands through a VR technique which digitalized the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion.

The world caught a glimpse of the Taiwanese industry’s rapid response capabilities and flexible management when it completed the herculean task of establishing 92 mask production lines in 40 days, and boosted mask production from 1.88 million pieces a day to 17 million pieces a day. Along with demonstrating proficiency, this feat also established Taiwan as one of the best options for reviving the world’s manufacturing industry.

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According to TAITRA CEO and President Walter Yeh, Taiwan Excellence is committed to aiding the world even during the current global health emergency by showcasing top-of-the-line Taiwanese technologies.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of industry up-gradation, automation, and accelerated import-related solutions. We have demonstrated how Taiwan’s award-winning companies can assist by providing innovative solutions to meet manufacturing demands in the post-pandemic era. These companies will become reliable partners in the global industry upgrade.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Mr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Taiwan, will play an important role in boosting industrial up-gradation in manufacturing companies post-COVID-19.

“Once the COVID-19 pandemic situation slowly starts stabilizing, industries around the world will gradually resume their economic activities. They will need to deploy smart manufacturing solutions to avert similar losses in the future.”

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