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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Cherry Must-Have Essentials for the New Normal

As stringent health protocols start to loosen and the country gradually shifts to the new normal, now is the most crucial time to be vigilant of your welfare and of your loved ones.

Cherry Must-Have Essentials for the New Normal
Cherry Must-Have Essentials for the New Normal

Be a smart and responsible head of the household with these relevant and cost-efficient health essentials and know exactly when they would come in handy:


For personal wearables while on-the-go. Cherry offers extra protection with its personal wearable air purifiers that come in two variants. The Cherry Ion, which is perfect for daily commute and spending long hours outside your home, emits 50 million/cm3 negative ions and lasts up to 12 hours. It is priced at Php3,500 for regular colors and Php3,700 for limited editions. Get yours now - Cherry Ion Lite, a lighter and more affordable option, emits up to 20 million negative ions and gives up to 8 hours of maximum protection. It is best for quick grocery runs and outdoor errands, available at only Php2,300. Both are proven to help reduce bacteria, germs, allergens, and other airborne viruses within a 3-feet radius as well as prevent colds, flu, hay fever, and asthma. Pair your Cherry Ion or Cherry Ion Lite with your everyday outfit. Get yours now at -

For added protection anytime, anywhere. Copping Cherry’s 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp with Powerbank is like hitting two birds with one stone! This portable device is very easy to use and has UVC that is proven to kill 99.9% of germs on surfaces. It also has 6000mAh battery capacity, 3 watts, and conveniently comes with 2 USB ports—ideal for charging your smart gadgets. You may get it for a very affordable price of Php1,399 at


For extra protection while inside your car. Stay at ease while embracing your spontaneous side with Cherry Car Ionizer with Air Purifier, a portable travel essential that fits any cup holder and emits up to 20 million negative ions. It also has 360° purification coverage, giving you that maximum indoor protection. Car rides has never felt this safe. Buy it for only Php2,500 at


For all-around room essentials. Looking for a household appliance that provides all-out protection for you and your whole family? Level up the safety and comfort in every room with Cherry Essentials’ wide range of air purifiers:
  • Cherry Ionizer with Humidifier and Air Purifier - This gives off as much as 170 million negative ions, provides 4-stage air purification, has 99.98% purification rate, and even improves quality of sleep. Grab this portable essential for Php4,000 at
  • Cherry Air Purifier (AP-01) -This is the most affordable among the list with an SRP of Php3,500. It can effectively purify a 30sqm. room and is relatively lighter at 3.5kgs.
  • Cherry UVC Air Purifier (AP-02) - This is a unique option as it has built-in UV lamp that kills 99.9% of bacteria, giving an extra layer of protection aside from its 6-stage air purification. You can bring it home for Php5,000 at -
  • Cherry Air Purifier (AP-100) - This variant is equipped with 4-stage Filtration System, UV light disinfection, and is perfect for a 50sqm. room as it has 420m3/hr CADR. It weighs a bit less at 6.5kgs and is 570mm tall. It is available for Php8,990.
  • Cherry Air Purifier (AP-300) - This top-of-the-line variant which has the biggest coverage of as much as 60sqm. and has a Clean Air Delivery rate (CADR) of 500m3/hr, is priced at Php11,900. It also has 6-stage Filtration System and UV light disinfection. It is 810mm high and weighs 9kgs.

All variants are reliable with 99.98% purification rate and each are designed to keep hotels, offices, rental units and different parts of your home free from allergens, bacteria, and other airborne viruses.


For keeping your housewares clean. Get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses by using the Cherry UV Sterilizer Cabinet. It lets you disinfect your utensils simultaneously with its 10L capacity and 5,000-hour lamp life so keeping them safe and sterile would never feel like an added chore. Get this for only Php3,800 at at -

For freeing surfaces from harmful viruses and bacteria. As the new normal starts to transpire, there has also been an increase in the use of UVC to keep common areas safe and clean. What’s stopping you from bringing this useful innovation at home? Lower the risk of transmission among your loved ones by getting the Cherry Smart UVC Disinfecting Lamp. It has 36 watts UVC that kills 99.9% of germs. It also has 2-way control, allowing you to conveniently use it with your smartphone or manually, wherever you’re most comfortable. Get one at home for only Php2,999 at -

Be safe and sound with these Cherry Essentials must-have. All available at

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