Be Safe and Protected Amid The New Normal With These Tech Must-Haves From Cherry Home

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As the government eased stringent health guidelines and protocols to allow more people to resume their day-to-day lives under the new normal, it’s even more important for the public to be vigilant to stay protected against COVID-19, not just for their own welfare but also for those of their loved ones.

Be Safe and Protected Amid The New Normal With These Tech Must-Haves From Cherry Home
Be Safe and Protected Amid The New Normal With These Tech Must-Haves From Cherry Home

The most basic thing to do to assure that you’re keeping yourself protected from the virus is to keep on wearing face masks and always wash your hands. But there’s no harm in adding some layers of protection. Here’s a quick list of must-have devices for the new normal:

For personal wearables while on-the-go.

Wearable air purifiers have become a thing these past few months, and a brand that offers an affordable yet very effective option for this is Cherry Home.

The Cherry Ion is designed to be worn like a necklace and is perfect for the daily commute and spending long hours outside your home. This device can emit 50 million negative ions per cubic meter, which do the job of purifying the air surrounding you at a 3-feet radius. It can be used for up to 12 hours and can be easily charged via its USB port. Get yours now -

There’s also the Cherry Ion Lite, a lighter and more economical variant, which can emit up to 20 million negative ions and gives up to 8 hours of maximum protection. Get yours now at -

Both the Cherry Ion and the Cherry Ion Lite effectively eliminate air-lingering bacteria, germs, allergens, and other airborne viruses. These devices also help in preventing colds, flu, hay fever, and asthma.

The Cherry Ion is priced starting at Php3,500, while the Cherry Ion Lite retails for Php2,300.

For added protection anytime, anywhere.

Cherry Home also has an interesting and very useful product -- Cherry 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp with Powerbank. This portable device carries UVC, which can kill 99.9% of germs on surfaces, plus a battery capacity of 6,000mAh, which you can use to simultaneously charge two smartphones via its dual USB port. The Cherry 2-in-1 Disinfecting Lamp with Powerbank is priced at Php1,399. Buy yours at

For extra protection while inside your car.

Eliminate bad odors and air-lingering germs and bacteria inside your car with the Cherry Car Ionizer with Air Purifier. This tiny device designed to fit any cup holder can emit up to 20 million negative ions and comes with a 360-degree purification coverage. It’s priced for only Php2,500 at

For all-around room essentials.

Maintain maximum protection from germs and viruses while inside your house with Cherry Home’s Cherry Ionizer with Humidifier and Air Purifier (Php4,000 at with 99.98% purification rate and 4-stage air purification; the Cherry Air Purifier AP-01 (Php3,500) which can effectively purify a 30 sqm. Room; the Cherry UVC Air Purifier AP-02 (Php5,000 at which comes with 6-stage air purification and a built-in UV lamp; the Cherry Air Purifier AP-100 (Php8,990) with a 4-stage filtration system and UV light disinfection feature ideal for bigger rooms; and the Cherry Air Purifier AP-300 (Php11,900) with the biggest coverage of up to 60sqm.

All of Cherry’s Air Purifier models are designed to keep hotels, offices, rental units, and different parts of the home free from allergens, bacteria, and other airborne viruses.

For keeping your kitchen clean.

Ensure that your utensils at home are thoroughly and safely cleaned with the Cherry UV Sterilizer Cabinet, which has a 10L capacity and a 5,000-hour lamp life. This product is available for only Php3,800 at

You can also disinfect kitchen surfaces with the Smart UVC Disinfecting Lamp, which you can get for only Php2,999 at

Discover more about these products and browse through Cherry Home’s wide array of smart home devices via

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