Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoe™ X Confirmed to Inhibit the Novel Coronavirus

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Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) announced a breakthrough that their nano X technology has been confirmed and verified by Texcell, a global contract research organization, to produce benefits of hydroxyl radicals on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which means that it has an inhibitory effect on it of up to 99.7%.

Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoe™ X Confirmed to Inhibit the Novel Coronavirus
Panasonic Air Conditioners with nanoe™ X Confirmed to Inhibit the Novel Coronavirus

Over the past 20 years, Panasonic has been conducting research on the nanoe X technology. It has tested its effectiveness in various areas like inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, as well as allergens and PM 2.5 components, which have adverse effects on the human body.

In 2012, Panasonic conducted a virus clearance test with a third-party organization and confirmed the effectiveness of each of the 4 categories in terms of biological characteristics. Based on this result, Panasonic announced that "hydroxyl radicals contained in water" technology could be expected to have an inhibitory effect on new viruses.

The testing for the inhibitory effect of the nanoe X technology in the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was done in a close laboratory environment with a space of 6.7 cubic meters. In just a span of 8 hours, Texcell verified 91.4% inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus of the Panasonic nanoe™ X Technology. What is more impressive is that in 24 hours, the inhibition rate is now 99.7 percent!

Last September 2020, Panasonic has made a similar test, also in collaboration with Textcell, albeit in a less challenging test parameters and a small test space of only 45L. The Texcell test report showed that a device with nanoe X technology used in an enclosed 45-liter box effectively inhibited the novel coronavirus in 2 hours.

Panasonic currently offers a number of its devices, which are equipped with the nanoe X technology. These include the Panasonic Elite Inverter Sky Series Aircon, Panasonic Premium Inverter Aero Series Aircon, Panasonic Deluxe Inverter Aero Series Aircon, Ceiling Cassette Packaged Air Conditioner, Ceiling Cassette VRF-FSV System Indoor, and the Panasonic Portable nanoeGenerator.

These products, as well as other Panasonic appliances with nanoe X, have about 4.8 trillion per second hydroxyl radicals, which helps in inhibiting and restraining surface-level pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, mold, allergen, pollen, and other hazardous substances by penetrating deep into fabric materials.

With this, Panasonic is offering Filipino homes an added layer of protection against COVID-19. Aside from houses, Panasonic devices with nanoe X technology are also ideal to be used in business establishments like restaurants, hospitals, offices, gyms, and schools for round-the-clock air protection.

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