ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) Review; Decent TV on a Budget

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No matter how much technology has evolved and will continue to evolve over the years, one thing that will never go "out of style" under this department is televisions. They're like jeans to the fashion industry -- despite one having too many fancy clothing items, a good old pair of jeans is a must-have.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) Review; Decent TV on a Budget
ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) Review; Decent TV on a Budget

Up to this day, televisions remain to be the go-to source of entertainment and information to many. This is why brands that offer quality TVs for an affordable price are highly appreciated by the consumers. This includes ACE, which under its arsenal, not just has televisions but also amplifiers, speakers, among others. Let's take a closer look at the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV, particularly the LED-808 DN4, in this review.

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What we like about the ACE 32-inch LED TV LED-808 DN4 is its neat and slim build. Despite its body made out of plastic, it really doesn't come with a cheap feel but rather a sturdy look. Just like most televisions, it can be used either with its stand or mounted on the wall, although the wall mount needs to be bought separately as the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV LED-808 DN4 package doesn't provide it. The good news is, ACE sells it for less than P100 on their official Shopee store.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) Box

This television is also relatively light, so you won't have a hard time transferring it and putting it in different places inside your home. For its dimensions, the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV measures 73cm in length, 43cm in width, and 47cm in height.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) Retail Package
Retail Package

It also has the important ports, including two USB 2.0 which can read .mp4 and .jpeg files, PC VGA, 2 HDMI, 2 AV outputs, and audio output (3.5mm), RF in, PC Audio, and coaxial, making it versatile enough to play media from various sources.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) USB Ports
Composite AV Inputs, USB Ports, 3.5mm Audio Jack

Since it's a normal TV, setting the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV is a fuss-free task. All that's needed to do is to plug it into a power source and set-up either an analog antenna or a digital TV box, then you're good to go. Sadly, there is no antenna of any kind included in the package.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) HDMI Ports
Coaxial, HDMI Ports, PC VGA, VGA Audio Input, Antenna


The ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV sports a high definition 720p display (1366 x 786 resolution) enclosed in slim bezels. While this might come as a low resolution for some, it actually delivers decent performance especially considering its price point. This television utilizes LED technology for its screen, enough to do the job of producing acceptable color and picture quality. Moreover, it also has great viewing angles.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) No Signal
No Input

We used this TV for a couple of weeks to binge-watch some of our favorites movies and series on Netflix in high definition, and we're somehow satisfied with the performance of the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV. If we're to mention a let-down, it would be its built-in speakers as we've noticed brittle audio when the volume is set beyond 60%.

ACE 32-Inch Slim LED TV (LED-808 DN4) Controls

Apart from using it mainly as television, the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV is also apt as a secondary screen for your laptops or PCs, and it can even be used for Nintendo Switch or PS4 as it has a 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms to 10ms response time making it capable of giving out a lag-free screen.

As mentioned earlier, the USB port can read storage devices. Based on our test, it can read 1TB external HDD. However, reading and opening the disk takes a while. We also used 500GB external SSD, and it works great; no issue or hang-ups encountered. The same is true when we used a flash or thumb drive.

Another thing worth mentioning about this television is that it doesn't consume too much energy as its power consumption is rated at only 50 watts.


For a price point of less than Php5K during sale, the ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV is undoubtedly a steal, given its features. If you're looking for an affordable screen that's sure to deliver its function, this is a good choice.

The ACE 32-inch Slim LED TV LED 808-DN4 is available via Shopee Philippines at ACE Official Store for a suggested retail price of Php8,999. But then again, we highly recommend buying it during the sale for that usual huge price discount.

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