Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New ApeosPort Series Models

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Fuji Xerox Philippines launches 21 new ApeosPort series multifunction machines and printers in 2021. With contactless technology, cloud services, and state-of-the-art protection to free you from risks and threats, these latest models are meant to adapt to the new standard.

Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New ApeosPort Series Models
Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New ApeosPort Series Models

Fuji Xerox has further stressed how, through the four-pillar advantages below, these modern devices can boost security, encourage freedom for businesses and add value to consumers alike:

360° Data Protection

The new products provide comprehensive security mechanisms that range from safe scanning to the cessation of unauthorized access and audit trails for real-time monitoring of devices.

Carefree Access

In addition to the service teams and remote support from Fuji Xerox, the latest ApeosPort series offers Remote System Health Check that provides predictive device management using device data to foresee and mitigate possible faults, increase the overall device performance and minimize unplanned downtime.

Integrated Workflow End to End

The new Fuji Xerox ApeosPort series supports business process automation from digital record archiving to easy delivery by seamlessly integrating with a host of solutions.

Workspace Borderless

The mobile solutions and cloud connectivity of Fuji Xerox to be used with the new ApeosPort and DocuPrint series support improvements in workstyle, offering on-the-go prints while facilitating remote work and collaboration.

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It is projected that automation will increase productivity growth by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually as a mechanism that helps companies boost efficiency, minimize mistakes, and improve quality and speed. Fuji Xerox's latest models make it possible for enterprises to experience independence from security risks, interruptions, difficulty, and limitations.

The new models appeal to the increasing number of businesses adopting borderless workspaces, enabling customers to interact with a seamless, secure range of cloud-enabled printing services anytime, anywhere. With 78 percent of cloud-based employees reporting that the opportunity to solve problems without losing efficiency is the most critical capability of devices used for work, the latest models would incorporate digital conversion for business process document automation and user-friendly design advances.

Workflow productivity is critical for companies to succeed," said Mutsuki Tomono, President & CEO, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. "We are frequently in the headspace of customers at Fuji Xerox to add value to their everyday processes and unlock their progress to move forward quickly. The launch of the new models underlines Fuji Xerox's commitment to constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and address the changing needs of companies, particularly during the unprecedented pandemic, to help them in the new working standard.

Via its skilled service staff, remote assistance, and Remote System Health Review, Fuji Xerox's new product offerings will improve companies by delivering predictive device management to ensure that printer malfunctions are minimized, and business momentum is preserved. These new digital devices can improve companies without sacrificing protection for the future paradigm of remote working and addressing collaborative team needs.

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