LG Ergo Monitors Bring Work From Home to the Next Level

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Innovations with this in mind have become more important than ever, with work-from-home being a huge part of the modern standard. The advantages of operating remotely are evident, especially with the news of vaccinations steadily coming out. However, for this rapid lifestyle transition, existing hardware has not been configured, leaving current solutions severely lacking. A leader in engineering, LG Electronics (LG), has recently launched a new range of displays with ergonomics at the forefront.

LG Ergo Monitors Bring Work From Home to the Next Level
LG Ergo Monitors Bring Work From Home to the Next Level

The leading tech company from South Korean has unveiled its revolutionary, new Ergo monitors, designed to take efficiency, productivity, and comfort to another level, and perfect because of social distance, for the millions of people worldwide now working remotely. The Ergo concept design, coupled with LG UltraGear, UltraWide, UltraFine, and QHD monitor series displays that deliver accurate color reproduction, provides the ultimate versatility in the workspace or gaming room. Even the USB-C One Cable solution's elegant versatility is given by the 27UN880, offering you unparalleled comfort.

LG Ergo concept monitors boast a space-saving and comfort-enhancing design that allows users to change the location of the impressive IPS monitors from LG to suit their needs quickly and easily. Users can move the screen outward from the wall, up to eye-level or down to desk-level, tilt it forward or back, and even pivot it by 90 degrees thanks to the Ergo principle. This allows users to customize their work environment to their exact requirements or whatever assignment they perform.

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LG monitors with the Ergo can travel up or down over a range of 130 millimeters, over a depth of 180 millimeters towards or away from the consumer, and can even swivel in the opposite direction (up to 280 degrees)-a feature that is extremely useful for collaborative work. LG's Ergo concept monitors can meet each user's individual needs by inclining up to 25 degrees in either direction and rotating from landscape to portrait and back, offering total flexibility and utter comfort while working, gaming or something else.

The Ergo connects securely to the edge of the desk or table using a C-type clamp, providing much greater space efficiency than a traditional display stand. Alternatively, it can be mounted directly in a desk's cable hole and secured with the provided T-type clamp, with the wires flowing neatly through its shaft for a tidy, clutter-free workspace.

Three of LG's premium IPS monitors will initially be available for the Ergo concept: the LG 21:9 UltraWide (model 34WN780), the LG UltraGear Nano IPS 1ms (GTG) gaming monitor (model 27GN880), and the LG UltraFine 4K (model 27UN880). Each model features an LG IPS display panel in the lineup that ensures bright, realistic images with precise color expression, outstanding contrast and a wide viewing angle. For greater compatibility with the new laptops, the 27UN880 supports USB-C connectivity and easy charging without the need for an adaptor.

Sungjae Kim, Managing Director of LG Philippines, said, "The unique LG Ergo concept elevates the value of our latest monitors, adding ergonomic comfort and maximum flexibility to superior IPS image quality and multitasking features." This year, we look forward to introducing this new technology to the Philippine market. As we count down on its arrival, follow our social media accounts. With products that exploit our leadership in technology and design to offer better user experiences, we will continue to lead the premium monitor market.

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