Huawei MateStation S and Huawei Display Launched; Yours for Php30,999 and Php7,999!

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In an age where most of us spend more time indoors than ever before, it became obvious that providing a full work or research room was just as necessary as masks and hand sanitizer. Although tablets and entry-level laptops can be adequate for basic schoolwork and word processing, a large number of at-home professionals may benefit from anything more versatile.

Huawei MateStation S and Huawei Display Launched; Yours for Php30,999 and Php7,999!
Huawei MateStation S and Huawei Display Launched; Yours for Php30,999 and Php7,999!

Take a look at Huawei's eye-catching desktop PC, the Huawei MateStation S, which is built for maximum power and flexibility, which is rare in ordinary laptop computers.

The Mate Station S is targeted squarely at people who prefer/have a dedicated room to refine their craft or blast through projects, although slim ultrabooks win out in terms of portability.

From behind my desk, I'm looking at the stars.

The Huawei Mate Station S has a distinct visual benefit as a PC tower, with its Star Trails feature on the front evoking peace and the enigmatic night sky. It also helps that the slim profile saves a lot of room on desks and workstations, further improving its performance.

The air intake ducts that assist with heat dissipation are cleverly integrated into this build. These minimalist aesthetics can work in every workspace, from the barest to the most art deco.

A portal to a variety of worlds

The Huawei Display, a FullView FHD panel with a 90 percent resolution, looks better with the Mate Station S. It looks like a floating gateway to another world. The graphics created by the 23.8-inch Display evoke a lifelike quality without harming the eyes - thanks to its TUV Rheinland Certification - which is particularly noticeable when creating on the MateStation.

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Innovation capability

Wireless communications, including NFC and Bluetooth 5.0, allow the Mate Station S's built-in Huawei Share to sync with several devices at once, which is one of the device's main strengths. Users can use smartphone messaging applications, e-readers, health devices, smart home settings, and more on the Mate Station S. Additionally, the Mate Station supports Fingerprint Login for a fast and safe means of unlocking the PC - something previously unheard of in laptop PCs. The world's first fingerprint-powered desktop unlock is a MateStation S feature born of Huawei's smartphone inventions.

The fan noise on this PC tower is also on the quiet side, peaking at just 28 dB even when fully loaded. The PC remains cool thanks to the custom high-density bionic heat sink, even while operating on high-resolution film or gaming at 60 frames per second in Full HD.

Increasing the range of performance options

Although the Mate Station S comes with a fantastic AMD Ryzen 5 4600G processor that can handle most heavy computing tasks, it's reassuring to know that users can install more RAM, more high-speed storage, a higher-end GPU, or any of the above if they so choose. Users may create a Mate Station that meets their specific requirements.

Another obvious compromise with ultra-slim laptops is the absence of compatibility ports; it seems that the slimmer the desktop is, the more dongles you'll have to get. On the other hand, the Mate Station S has a variety of physical ports, including a 3.5mm audio socket, USB 3.2, USB-C, HDMI, and VGA, to name a few.

Lifestyles in the Era of AI

The Mate Station S has a familiar type factor, but the encounter is a complete surprise. This desktop PC is part of a wider device ecosystem created by Huawei to communicate seamlessly and align such interactions as naturally and intelligently as possible with consumer lifestyles. It's a multi-scenario approach that redefines what it means to own a smartphone or a computer, with AI broadening the scope of what's achievable with smart innovation.

How much is the Huawei MateStation S price in the Philippines?

When will be the Huawei MateStation S be available in the Philippines?

  • The Huawei MateStation will be available in the Philippines starting March 26, 2021.

How much is the Huawei Display price in the Philippines?

When will be the Huawei Display be available in the Philippines?

  • The Huawei Display will be available in the Philippines starting March 26, 2021.

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