LG Opens WebOS Smart TV Platform To TV Manufacturers

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LG Electronics (LG) has made its famous webOS TV platform ecosystem available to other TV brand partners, upending the status quo in an industry notorious for proprietary operating systems used by various manufacturers. LG is also extending its capabilities outside television production to include the growth and use of the webOS TV software platform by other television manufacturers. This has the ability to reshape the TV industry for both hardware and service suppliers, while simultaneously widening LG's global reach and popularity.

LG Opens WebOS Smart TV Platform To TV Manufacturers
LG Opens WebOS Smart TV Platform To TV Manufacturers

Since 2014, webOS has provided exemplary ease of use for LG TV owners through its intuitive interface architecture as an integral component of LG's preeminent home entertainment ecosystem. WebOS TV licensees get the well-known and well-received UX interface, as well as a robust set of features like voice search and control, embedded AI algorithms, and simple networking that have won webOS positive industry and market acclaim. LG webOS TV also offers partners access to several entertainment options, including Netflix, Twitter, Amazon Prime Video, and DAZN, a sports streaming site, as well as LG Channels, the company's online premium content streaming service. The dedicated Magic Motion remote controller is included with compatible TV models.

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More than twenty television manufacturers from around the world have now signed on to the webOS alliance, including RCA, Ayonz, and Konka, with more planned to join in the future. Software collaborators such as Realtek, Nuance, Gracenote, CEVA, and Universal Electronics, among others, back the webOS community.

Park Hyoung-sei, president of LG Home Entertainment Company, said, "The webOS website is one of the simplest and most easy ways to watch millions of hours of movies and TV shows." “We are embarking on a different journey by inviting other manufacturers to enter the webOS TV community, allowing many new TV owners to enjoy the same awesome UX and features that are available on LG TVs. We are excited to welcome these new customers into the amazing world of webOS TV.”

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