Epson Launches “Be Cool” Printer Sustainability Campaign

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One of the most important side effects of increased productivity in many sectors is the impact on the atmosphere, with increased resource usage impacting carbon footprint. Weighing efficiency against sustainability can be a difficult balancing act for companies, but the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Epson Launches “Be Cool” Printer Sustainability Campaign
Epson Launches “Be Cool” Printer Sustainability Campaign

This is the idea of Epson Southeast Asia's latest printer sustainability campaign, Be Cool. The regional campaign was developed to remind consumers that increasing production and productivity while lowering environmental impact is possible. Businesses may opt to Be Cool and learn how Epson technology makes the sustainable option easy by leveraging the brand's engineering expertise.

Epson's EcoTank and Business Inkjet printers, which use Heat-Free Technology to offer innovative advantages over laser and thermal inkjet technology, are driving the initiative. PaperLab, the world's first dry process office paper-making machine, is also on display.

"Our Be Cool campaign shows how Epson's Heat-Free Technology and PaperLab can help companies improve efficiency while reducing energy usage and resource consumption. Businesses will play an active role in supporting greener, more sustainable businesses across Southeast Asia by switching to our cool products," said Tan May Lin, Regional Director for Epson Sales Division, Retail Products, and Regional Brand & Communications.

Printing can be enjoyable.

Be Cool puts three product lines in the spotlight to show how its eco features can help companies streamline processes and gain a competitive edge.

Epson's Heat-Free Technology ensures that the ink ejection mechanism in its EcoTank and Business Inkjet printers does not use heat, resulting in lower power usage and lower energy costs.

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This unique technology eliminates the need for heat to warm up the printer, enabling you to save time with reliable high-speed printing. Since inkjet printers do not need heating, they use less energy, resulting in cost savings for the company. Epson's EcoTank and Business Inkjet printers have fewer parts and consumables to replace, reducing consumer interference and increasing efficiency.

Epson's first in-office paper recycling device, PaperLab, is pushing the boundaries of environmentally friendly technology. PaperLab uses Dry Fiber Technology to transform wastepaper into new paper in just 3 minutes using a virtually dry process. Businesses save water by reducing the amount of paper that must be shipped to off-site recyclers using just around 1/100th of the water used to produce an equal mass of ordinary paper.

When data protection is critical to your company, PaperLab ensures that key sensitive waste is destroyed safely and effectively. It extracts toner and inks from waste paper and shreds them into fibers. This ensures that information is kept secure on-site, eliminating the need to rely on third-party contractors.

Water is saved, less heat is used, the carbon footprint is reduced, and wood resources are saved thanks to PaperLab's unique technology. PaperLab, when used in conjunction with Epson's heat-free printing solutions, aids in the development of a recycling loop in the office and supports the circular economy.

Make the change.

The Be Cool campaign demonstrates how efficiency and sustainability can go hand in hand with Epson's business solutions by showcasing the synergy between Epson's Heat-Free Technology or Dry Fiber Technology and the products' productivity features.

Visit the website or contact your nearest Epson Authorised Dealers to learn more about how you can make the transition to sustainable technology.

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