Huawei Unveils Co-Branded Intelligent Vehicle

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At the 2021 ARCFOX Brand Night and New Product Launch in Shanghai, the first vehicle equipped with Huawei's intelligent automotive solution was unveiled. The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI is the world's first mass-produced autonomous vehicle for city roads, and it's being hailed as a new global benchmark for autonomous driving.

Huawei Unveils Co-Branded Intelligent Vehicle
Huawei Unveils Co-Branded Intelligent Vehicle

Huawei is a supplier of new components for intelligent vehicles that, through the Huawei Within model, collaborates closely with automakers to develop high-quality intelligent vehicles. This model provides OEMs with a completely new digital architecture for intelligent vehicles and over 30 intelligent components and five intelligent systems: Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Cockpit, mPower, Intelligent Connectivity, and Intelligent Vehicle Cloud.

The first premium intelligent electric vehicle co-branded with Huawei Inside is the ARCFOX Alpha-S HI (HI). Huawei has promised to use its 30-plus years of ICT expertise to help OEMs develop better intelligent cars and push China's automotive industry to innovate in new cutting-edge areas such as smart and autonomous driving through collaborations like the ARCFOX Alpha-S HI.

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Huawei's self-driving technology opens up new possibilities.

Thanks to Huawei's full-stack automated driving technology, the ARCFOX Alpha-S HI will be the world's first commercial vehicle with autonomous driving for urban roads (ADS). The car would pass through congested urban areas, high-speed highways, and parking lots on its own.

From traffic signals to oncoming traffic, it will identify and interpret a wide range of road features. From there, the vehicle can handle any situation, including moving straight, turning, and stopping for pedestrians or other items, as well as negotiating on- and off-ramps and unprotected curves, without any further guidance. It can, for example, change its route to safely turn left at intersections without left-turn waiting areas based on observations of oncoming traffic and other vehicles turning left. Furthermore, the ADS is equipped with self-learning technologies that enable it to continuously self-evolve and improve its intelligence based on real-world experience, allowing it to become the perfect driver.

This full-stack Advertising is designed with China's diverse roads and transportation networks in mind, ensuring that users have a better driving experience in all scenarios.

Huawei has been working on artificial intelligence software for nearly ten years, with their new autonomous driving algorithms just five years old. Super full-stack algorithms, a super data lake, and supercomputing and sensing devices are among the technologies developed over the last decade that are ideal for an ADS.

The ADS will also support continuous optimization and iteration through over-the-air (OTA) updates, allowing users to access new and exciting features while also keeping up with rapidly changing urban use cases.

The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI will be eligible for attendees to test autonomous driving in dense urban areas at the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2021.

Within Huawei's Software-Defined Cars: New Experiences

The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI comes with HarmonyOS and a big HD monitor for premium interconnection between "1 + 8 + N" scenarios, as Huawei calls them. These technologies allow services like navigation, video, music, and voice to be seamlessly switched between the car and other devices by connecting innovative cockpit units with users' other devices, making driving more straightforward and more enjoyable. These new technological advancements transform your vehicle into a tablet, allowing you to make video calls and do other things while driving.

The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI is also packed with cutting-edge power technologies that are set to revolutionize the field of alternative energy vehicles. Cars no longer need to be left charging for hours at a time thanks to Huawei's unique AI-powered, high-voltage flash charging power domain solution, which they developed by leveraging their 30-plus years of experience in power electronics. The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI will charge up enough for 197 kilometers of driving in just 10 minutes. Drivers can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just three seconds thanks to the dual-motor, intelligent four-wheel-drive system.

The ARCFOX Alpha-S HI combines the best of Huawei's advanced technology with the BAIC Group's extensive vehicle experience.

The HI intelligent car solution consists of three computing platforms — smart driving, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent vehicle control — and three operating systems — AOS (intelligent driving), HOS-A (intelligent cockpit), and VOS (intelligent vehicle control) (intelligent vehicle control).

These components come together to form a software-defined vehicle, which ensures that new features can be added regularly. This desire to iterate for improved user experiences continuously is changing the way we think about automobiles.

Both ARCFOX Alpha-S HI models will be available at the end of 2021, with prices starting at 388,900 yuan and 429,900 yuan, respectively.

The commercial release of the ARCFOX Alpha-S HI is only the beginning for Huawei as it extends its automotive presence. Huawei has committed to providing manufacturers with technologies that will aid in developing future-oriented, intelligent vehicles. GAC Group and Chang'an Automobile have already announced that the company would assist them in developing high-end intelligent vehicle sub-brands. These vehicles are expected to enter the market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Any new vehicle with the HI logo will be fitted with Huawei's highest-level ADS and all intelligent automotive solutions, providing a brilliant, pleasant, and dependable experience.

The car industry is about to undergo a transformation it hasn't seen in almost a century. As a global technology leader, Huawei is well-positioned to provide the ICT technologies needed for autonomous driving and electric vehicles in the future.

In 2021, Huawei expects to spend more than $1 billion in R&D for intelligent automotive components. The company has announced that it will increase investments in intelligent vehicle components, especially autonomous driving software, to assist automakers in developing more connected, intelligent, electric, and shared vehicles. For years to come, the future convergence of the automotive and ICT industries will open up a slew of new strategic possibilities for Huawei and other industry players.

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