Lypertek Tevi TWS Earphones Review: A Hidden Gem that’s Worth the Buy

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The Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earbuds have been in the market for a couple of years already, but here in the Philippines, it was just recently when Digital Walker made it available for local audiophiles. For a sub-Php5000 pair of earphones, is the Lypertek Tevi TWS the challenger to beat in the saturated competition of true wireless earphones? Let’s find out!

Lypertek Tevi TWS Earphones Review: A Hidden Gem that’s Worth the Buy
Lypertek Tevi TWS Earphones Review: A Hidden Gem that’s Worth the Buy

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Using this pair as our main audio buddy for a couple of weeks proved to us that there’s a lot to like about the Lypertek Tevi TWS. To start off, its design -- albeit a bit common -- is made equally for aesthetics and ergonomics. This pair of earbuds also appeals to those who like to veer away from flashy designs. What we appreciate about this pair is that its left and right earbuds are almost identical, meaning you can use any of the pair on either of your ears. This is unlike other TWS in the market where the right earbud should be used only in the right ear -- same with the left one -- otherwise, it won't play music, and you'll feel really uncomfortable.

Lypertek Tevi Charging Case
Charging Case

The earbuds are small and lightweight, and even after long hours of usage, you can barely feel that they are attached to your ears. Each pair also has a responsive physical button that controls playback and audio volume, but you can change the functions through the Lypertek app.

Lypertek Tevi Retail Package
Retail Package

Out of the box, what you’ll first notice is its pill-shaped charging case covered in fabric which we must say is a nice touch, especially since the charging case itself lacks that premium and durable feel because of its plastic build. But other than this caveat, the charging case of Lypertek Tevi TWS has good qualities, including a pocketable size and a USB-C charging port. The Lypertek Tevi TWS also comes with a generous selection of silicon ear tips and 'Flexfit' foam tips in various sizes, so you'll definitely find a pair to use on your earbuds for utmost comfort.

Lypertek Tevi Retail Unit
Lypertek Tevi TWS earphones have an IPX7 rating

The earbuds also come with what can be considered as a must-have feature for TWS pairs nowadays -- an IPX7 rating, which means that they can be used during workouts. We can also attest that they don't fall off easily, even if your workout routine involves a lot of running or jumping.


It’s our first time reviewing Lypertek earphones, so we’re not really sure what to expect, but you can take our word that the performance of the Tevi TWS makes it worth the purchase. One of the strongest areas of this pair is its soundstage. Listening to several tracks across various genres will also prove that the Lypertek Tevi TWS does a good job separating instruments and vocals, which means that clear audio detail is a specialty for these earphones.

On the technical side of things, the Lypertek Tevi TWS carries a 6mm graphene driver and has an advanced Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and AAC. The former is usually found on higher-end earphones and is responsible for delivering heavy bass -- the larger the driver, the deeper the bass. The latter, meanwhile, does the job of ensuring that the Lypertek Tevi TWS delivers uninterrupted listening and prevents hiccups due to unstable Bluetooth connection. Background noise is somehow evident, though, so you might want to keep the volume low. It's important to also note that the Lypertek Tevi does not have an active noise cancellation feature. Calls are also crystal clear with the Lypertek Levi TWS, and even its microphones deliver good quality.


Add the battery life of the Lypertek Tevi TWS to the list of its impressive features. The pair lasted us a total of 8 hours and 33 minutes which is close to its advertised 10-hour battery. A fully charged case of the earphones can refuel the pair up to six to seven times. Recharging the case and the earphones together takes up to three hours. Take note that wireless charging is not supported for the Lypertek Tevi TWS.


Lypertek Tevi TWS Earphones Hands-on Review
Lypertek Tevi

The Lypertek Tevi TWS is indicative that there are still a lot of audio brands out there left to discover, and that quality isn’t always found in popular names. Available in black and ivory (which is a pretty color for this pair), the Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earbuds retail for a discounted price of Php4,490 from the official Lazada store of Digital Walker.

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