PLDT Enterprise Launches Smart Bro 5G for Businesses

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PLDT, the country's largest integrated telecommunications provider, announced the Smart Bro 5G Plans for Businesses, which will equip more industries with the latest technology and operate on the country's fastest mobile network.

PLDT Enterprise Launches Smart Bro 5G for Businesses
PLDT Enterprise Launches Smart Bro 5G for Businesses

Today, all Smart Bro plans under PLDT Enterprise are 5G ready, with Smart Bro Plans 1899 and 3500 offering 90GB and 200GB of data, respectively. For a limited time, the company is offering a free Samsung Tab A 8” with every Smart Bro 5G pre-order starting March 10 to those who pre-order before March 10. Thanks to this introductory package, working from anywhere has never been easier, including faster broadband speeds.

Smart Bro 5Gfor business plans, according to Jojo Gendrano, FVP and Head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions, “can unlock better productivity and elevated ways of working for (our) customers, particularly in the new normal hybrid and on-the-go work setups, where most businesses depend on strong internet connectivity,” he said.
“Smart Bro 5G has faster internet speeds and more stable connections. Users will benefit from ultra-fast downloads and application response as a result of this. Enterprises will be able to do more with their mobile broadband devices thanks to 5G's Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EMBB) capability. We are confident that companies will embrace this technological advancement, and we will continue to work with them to expand enterprise 5G use cases,” he added.

5G is the latest wireless internet networking level, with higher speeds and more stable links than ever before.

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To use Smart Bro 5G, users will need three things: a 5G-ready SIM, a Smart-certified 5 G-activated smartphone, and to be in an area where the Smart 5G network is accessible.

“We'll bundle the Smart Bro 5G with the 5GRocket Wifi to offer subscribers personal portable broadband connectivity on the go,” says Chet Alviz, VP and Head of PLDT Enterprise Wireless Marketing. “There are many benefits of 5G,” he continues, “and making it accessible to companies supports our overall mantra of making a positive impact on any business.”

The Smart Bro 5G Rocket WiFi is the best-performing 5G system on the market right now in the Philippines. It is well suited to power the digital lifestyle of clients of all sizes, as it is 5G ready and has longer battery life. The unit can attach up to 10 WiFi-ready devices at once, which is ideal for users who need to stay productive while on the go or have several devices. It is also Wifi 6-capable, which means that it also ensures performance and reliability even when several devices are connected to it. Customers will also be able to link their non-WiFi-enabled devices, such as desktop computers, using the LAN port.

"Through our Smart Bro 5G plans, which will offer businesses the best in wireless broadband to power their remote and versatile work setups," Shyr Amador, Head of IoT & Connected Devices for PLDT Enterprise, says, "we would like to enjoin our dear customers to experience the groundbreaking 5G technology firsthand."

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