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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival offers exclusive deals and discounts from well-known brands

At its 5.5 Brands Festival, Shopee, the leading e-commerce site in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, invites Filipinos to take advantage of major discounts and exclusive promotions from the country's top brands. OPPO, Vivo, Realme, Colgate, Abbott, L'Oreal Paris, Enfagrow, Procter & Gamble, Olay, Unilever, Nestle, Colourette Cosmetics, and Maybelline are among the brands offering discounts up to 90% off, flash sales up to 50% off, free shipping with no minimum purchase, and 50% cashback.

Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival offers exclusive deals and discounts from well-known brands
Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival offers exclusive deals and discounts from well-known brands

“At Shopee, it is our mission to work together with brands valued by Filipinos to provide the best value on their favorite items so they can optimize their financial resources,” said Martin Yu, Director of Shopee Philippines. We are enabling Filipinos to secure all they need at the best prices while making shopping safe, easy, and rewarding with all of the deals in-store at the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival.”

Until May 5, shoppers can take advantage of the following regular deals:

Super Brand Days offer substantial discounts.

Don't miss out on Shopee's back-to-back brand takeovers. On the following days, get up to 90% off top brands: OPPO on April 29, Procter & Gamble on April 30, Vivo on May 1, Realme on May 2, Maybelline on May 3, and Olay on May 4.

During themed days, there are only a few offers and promotions available.

Keep an eye out for themed days of exciting offers leading up to 5.5. On April 29, take advantage of free shipping with no minimum purchase at the ShopeePay Sale, claim over $1,000,000 in prizes at the Shopee Prizes Sale on May 3, and redeem over $5,500 vouchers at the Brands Vouchers Sale on May 4.

Cashbacks are available at category fairs.

From April 29 to May 1, get 50% cashback and take advantage of flash sales on products worth up to 50% off at the Home Fair, and from May 2 to May 4, at the Electronics Fair.

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5.5 Deals for D-Day

On May 5, there will be nonstop promotions for 24 hours, including flash sales of up to 50% off on select brands such as:

  • Pampers: Save up to 34% on the whole Pampers line with all-day sales. From 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, special price drops of up to 50% off on selected items will be available.
  • Enfagrow: Save up to 37% on Enfamama A+, Enfagrow A+ Nurapro, Enfagrow A+ collection, and other Enfagrow products.
  • Vivo: Use the Shopee-exclusive ‘VIVO300' voucher code to get $300 off each purchase with a $6,000 minimum spend.
  • Nestlé: Save 50% on Bear Brand Powdered Milk, Nestlé All-Purpose Cream, and Nescafé Gold, among other Nestlé favorites.
  • Colourette: Save up to 50% on select Colorette items and get free delivery with a minimum purchase of 999. During flash sales, keep an eye out for even bigger discounts!

Tender Treatment, AirQueen PH, Unicare, Reckitt, GSK, Pedigree, Whiskas, IAMS, Peculiar Eyewear, Puritan's Pride, Shigetsu, Mikana, INSPI, Organic Skin, Organic Official, Teetalk, Crown, Chef's Classics, and XTREME Appliances are among the brands offering free shipping with no minimum purchase, 50 percent cash back from participating Shopee Mall shops, and up to 90 percent.

Visit for more information on these D-Day Deals.

At the 5.5 Brands Festival TV Special, there will be cash prizes up for grabs.

Watch the 5.5 Brands Festival TV Special on GMA 7 and Shopee Live on Wowowin this May 5 at 5:00 PM. Viewers will win major cash prizes in addition to seeing thrilling celebrity appearances. Play Shopee Shake, Shopee Milyonaryo, and Watch and Win for a chance to win over $3,500,000 in cash, goods, and ShopeePay credits.

ShopeePay offers exclusive benefits.

For more sales and discounts, go cashless! With no minimum spend, you will get free delivery all day and 55 percent cash back. With ShopeePay, you can get 10GB of data for $1, 5GB of data for $1, and 10GB of data for $5. Pay your bills on Shopee and get up to 25% cashback, up to a maximum of 150 coins.

More prizes are up for grabs in the #NextShopeeEndorser competition.

For a chance to win $10,000, strike a pose with a Shopee Mall piece. Shopee will choose five winners based on the most original and innovative submissions. Users can learn more about the mechanics and enter photos at until May 5.

Visit for more details on all the offers available at the 5.5 Brands Festival.

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