Sharp AQUOS Celebrates 20 Years of Quality, Innovation, and Excellence

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Sharp Philippines' AQUOS LCD TV is celebrating its 20th birthday. What better way to commemorate this historic milestone than by launching a new line of 4K televisions? Sharp's incoming LCD TVs serve to remind how far the company has come in two decades of offering high-quality entertainment items.

Sharp AQUOS Celebrates 20 Years of Quality, Innovation, and Excellence
Sharp AQUOS Celebrates 20 Years of Quality, Innovation, and Excellence

Sharp's transition from tube to LCD televisions occurred in 2001, and it seemed like yesterday. Gone are the days when we had to turn on the television to obtain a better picture; instead, all you have to do is turn on the device, sit back, and relax.

Sharp Philippines has unveiled a 70-inch 4K Smart Android TV with Google Assistant and Google Duo video calling!

Because theaters and cinemas are still closed, it's a good idea to invest in your home entertainment. When you want to unwind with your loved ones after a long day at work, a TV update will come in handy. On the other hand, when you can feast your eyes and ears on an immersive experience, who needs to go to the movies?

What are the most notable characteristics of the Sharp 4K SMART ANDROID TV 4T-C70CK3X?

Are you looking for the greatest television to buy this year? Sharp is releasing a new 4K TV to the Philippines, complete with a 70-inch display, Dolby Audio, built-in Chromecast, and more! It's one of the company's cutting-edge televisions with a plethora of features. Let's have a peek at the highlights:

The design is sleek and contemporary.

We only have one piece of advice for you when it comes to TV sizes: It's either go big or go home. This TV has a 70-inch screen, making it feel like you're viewing your favorite shows and movies in your own personal cinema. In addition, it has a basic design with a very slim bezel, which draws attention to the display. Detail-oriented

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The most obvious advantage of 4K resolution TVs is that their images are more detailed and sharp. After all, their 3840 x 2160 pixel counts are four times higher than the full HD images most of us are accustomed to. Every strand of hair on a person's head, every leaf on a tree, every blade of grass on a football field, and every star in the sky

When used in conjunction with Sharp's AQUOS processor, viewing quality is greatly improved. The X4 Master Engine Pro II, according to the manufacturer, may produce exceptional visual quality. In essence, you're having an experience that many compare to gazing through a window rather than watching TV. Dolby Audio support for dual speakers

Sound is vital for a variety of reasons. It holds the audience's attention, elicits emotional responses, highlights what's on screen, and is utilized to convey mood. Thankfully, this Sharp 70-inch 4K Smart Android TV comes with Dolby audio speakers on both sides. As a result, you'll hear crystal-clear surround-sound sound effects.

Google Play has thousands of useful apps.

Downloading all of your favorite applications and games is a great way to get the most out of your television. You'll be able to watch them on the large screen with ease, thanks to your own Android TV home screen. Furthermore, because Google Duo is included, you can easily utilize this Sharp TV for video chatting with teams, family, or friends.

Voice assistant built-in to the remote control

How does Google Assistant help you have a more intelligent viewing experience? One method is to provide you with immediate access to your shows and other media. This function comes in helpful while looking for material because you don't have to go through all of your streaming applications yourself. Furthermore, if you conduct a Google search, you can quickly obtain results on the screen. This voice assistant may also be used to operate other smart gadgets in your house.

These are just some of the highlights of the Sharp 4K Smart Android TV 4T-C70CK3X. Keep an eye out for pricing and availability in your area. Sharp Philippines is on Facebook and Instagram, and you may follow them for updates.

Father's Day Special Offer

Sharp provided a special deal for all fathers in honor of Father's Day. You'll get a range of bonuses with every purchase of chosen products. For additional information, go to Sharp's official Facebook page and like it.

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