Synology Launches DSM 7.0 and C2 Cloud Expansion

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Synology today launched DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0, as well as a huge expansion of the Synology C2 platform with four new cloud services. DSM 7.0 is a huge step forward for Synology's NAS and SAN product lines, focusing on boosting security, system administration features, and data collaboration. Synology is releasing both hybrid and cloud-only products, including a new password manager, directory as a service, cloud backup, and secure file sharing solutions, building on the success of C2 Storage. In addition, Synology has begun work on opening a new data center site to offer its services to the Asia Pacific area as part of a larger investment in expanding the availability of its cloud platform.

Synology Launches DSM 7.0 and C2 Cloud Expansion
Synology Launches DSM 7.0 and C2 Cloud Expansion

How Synology edge solutions address data management concerns up close and personal

"At exponential rates, large amounts of unstructured data are constantly being generated," said Philip Wong, Synology's CEO and Founder. "Traditional centralized storage deployments are no longer able to meet ever-increasing bandwidth and performance requirements. Because they specifically solve the difficulties that modern enterprises face, edge cloud products, such as Synology's storage management lineup, are one of the fastest-growing solutions on the market today."

Synology's data management solutions have been installed in over eight million locations worldwide, each powered by the DSM operating system. As the world's largest NAS OS, DSM offers a unique combination of storage interoperability, backup and data protection, and sophisticated synchronization and collaboration solutions to handle increasingly distant workplaces and data sources. More than six million monthly downloads of Synology-developed add-ons like Synology Drive, Active Backup Suite, etc.

DSM 7.0, the platform's next major upgrade, will be available on June 29. New hybrid-cloud services such as Active Insight, a large-scale device monitoring and diagnostics solution, Hybrid Share, which combines C2 storage flexibility and synchronization capabilities with on-premises solutions, and C2 Identity, a hybrid cloud directory as a service to simplify cross-site domain management, are all launching alongside the massive new update. In addition, DSM 7.0 includes security improvements in the form of Secure SignIn and platform upgrades like support for up to 1 PB volumes for super-large jobs. In addition, this brand-new authentication solution makes two-factor authentication simple and painless.

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C2 data center and new solutions

C2 Password, C2 Transfer, and C2 Backup are standalone solutions that answer modern needs to safeguard passwords, share sensitive information, back up any endpoints and standard SaaS cloud services, and be available shortly afterward.

"Four years of deploying and maintaining our cloud service has allowed us to combine our data management knowledge with new technologies, enabling creative optimizations that allow us to deliver a dependable yet incredibly cost-competitive solution," Wong added. "To meet potential clients, we're now looking at a strategy of rapid expansion into more locations."

A new data center in Taiwan, located in the heart of the Asia Pacific region, is already in the works. The extension brings the whole C2 portfolio closer to clients, decreasing latency and improving the end-user experience, just like Synology's on-premises NAS and SAN solutions do for edge installations.

"DSM 7.0 and the new C2 extension push Synology's new data management viewpoint ahead," Wong said. "With greater integration, we'll continue to push the limits even farther, combining the best of on-premises and cloud infrastructures."


New C2 solutions and DSM 7.0, which have been under public testing for the past seven months, will be available soon.

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