Go Shopping Philippines Opens Virtual Mall

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Because cashless transactions are expected to more than double between 2025 and 2030, Go Shopping Philippines has built a new virtual GSP Mall that offers safe, high-quality purchases as well as a digital lifestyle not available through current E-commerce apps.

Go Shopping Philippines Opens Virtual Mall
Go Shopping Philippines Opens Virtual Mall

According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, Asia Pacific, including the Philippines, will have the fastest rise in cashless transactions of any region on the planet. It will increase by 109 percent from its current level in 2025.

Consumers now have quick access to everything they need from the safety and convenience of their own homes, thanks to the Covid 19 epidemic. But, on the other hand, GSP is making this experience even more gratifying and interesting by offering a diverse range of products and services that come with the promise of quality from well-known companies.

One can get his selected product delivered to his doorstep via GSP's Smart Logistics via easy access from the GSP app on his smartphone. Third-party couriers are combined with warehousing and delivery services in the logistics chain. GSP has an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to automate corporate processes such as warehousing and logistics.

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GSP Chief Executive Officer Neil G. La-as envisions a large digital mall in 2019 that offers the high-quality merchandise that people demand. He feels that internet transactions do not have to be as frustrating as they are for many people. Although they place orders before seeing things, they want value for their money. Knowing how aggravating online transactions can be, La-as said GSP guarantees its merchants are committed to offering a global standard of service. In addition, merchants must give certifications on the authenticity of the products to be offered in the GSP Mall, according to GSP's e-commerce portal.

The GSP Mall will give users the digital mall experience they ever dreamed of, thanks to a partnership with GEP, a company known for building large E-commerce sites. With technical advancements, this is now a possibility. As a result, consumers who seek value for their money should be delighted.

GSP is also aided by advances in Artificial Intelligence. For example, the Analytics Program at GSP Mall enables its merchants to offer goods methodically based on data, statistics, and market demographics.

GSP Mall's transactions are protected by a fraud detection system in addition to firewalls. When cyber-attacks are launched against the system, its double-protection security features ensure that, in the worst-case scenario, only a section of the ecosystem, not the entire ecosystem, is harmed. Given the self-locking capability of the various components of the digital mall systems, this is the case.

A verification method is needed to ensure that the person making the transaction is the real person to keep GSP users safe. A user is required to snap a selfie of himself with a copy of his legal ID card as part of a strict KYC (know your customer) process.

The capabilities of the giant app are all-encompassing, leaving one with nothing to ask for even in the midst of the pandemic's lockdowns, as GSP promises to offer what was once only a dream. Diagnostic clinics, gallery and museum services, tailoring services, legal and other consultancy services have all traditionally been found in brick and mortar establishments. However, there are no longer any lines for these. They'll all be a lot easier to find in the GSP mall.

These services, however, will be provided in phases. As of this soft launch, four intriguing features are already available. First, the GFlix offers on-demand domestic and international movies that may now be seen on a mobile phone. Second, GO LIVE is a livestreaming tool used for conferences, trade shows, and other events. Third, GO CINEPLEX is a three-dimensional virtual cinema with several halls, a secure online ticketing system, and high-definition audio and video. Fourth, it allows those accustomed to seeing theatre shows and live presentations, virtual or not, to experience sensations of warmth. Fashion exhibitions and sporting events may now be watched with the swipe of a finger. Fourth, its own GoTV will be housed in the Philippines' first giant digital mall. It will soon be broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep users entertained at all hours of the day and night. Finally, it will broadcast a limited number of television programs that may be accessed from anywhere using one's mobile phone.

GSP has also worked with giant travel applications, travel agents, and tourism boards to allow anyone to book their travels most efficiently and easily possible. In addition, GSP Mall has teamed with payment centers, banks, and fintech (financial technology) firms (GCash, Paymaya, and others) to provide the ultimate online payment convenience.

With the partnerships GSP has forged not only with government agencies - such as renewing a passport or driver's license, getting a PAGIBIG or Social Security System ID, applying for clearances, and accessing public papers - even government services may be accessed through one's cellphone.

True, technology facilitates democratization and equality among consumers and all citizens. However, despite its strength in globalization, which provides access to practically all types of products and services and embraces worldwide brands while being local, GSP Mall has a resounding theme.

The GSP Mall's merchant list will be lengthy, just as the "long tail" hypothesis predicted two decades ago as a result of the internet's massively disruptive effect. Not only does GSP Mall have the capacity to supply everyone's favorite brands at their best, but it also has a unique characteristic that makes it stand out.

However, the Philippines' first big digital mall will have its own trade hall dedicated to micro, small, and medium businesses (MSME). This not only allows small businesses to gain access to the global supply chain. Micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSME) are also enrolled in GSP Mall to become part of the supply chain. Aside from adding value to these small businesses and providing them with the necessary marketing boost, everyone may access their particular crafts and services. Every GSP Mall user will be able to purchase goods from small manufacturers all around the Philippines. Having the items he used to exclusively enjoy when he was out of town at his fingertips must be a dream come true for anyone. It could be Davao durian sweet, Cebu mango-tamarind, Bicol pili tart, or Bukidnon Arabica coffee.

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