Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Now Available for Only Php13,990

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With the Galaxy A-series, Samsung empowers artists to be secure in expressing their incredible talent and personalities, allowing them to stay up with their peers. The new Samsung Galaxy A22, which is now available nationwide, allows designers to bring their creative ideas to reality. The smartphone has it all: a sleek and eye-catching design, a bright display on which to watch content, and a powerful camera that allows creators to find, define, and exhibit what makes them unique.

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Now Available for Only Php13,990
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G Now Available for Only Php13,990

#AwesomeGoals, go for it!

The Samsung Galaxy A22 has a bright and entertaining design that reflects the creator's personality. In addition, they have the option of choosing between Black and White or the more dramatic pastel Mint and Violet colors.

Its bright colors are complemented by a strong Quad Rear Camera. During the day, the high-resolution 48MP Main Camera captures crisper photographs, while at night, it captures brighter shots. When recording vlogs or TikTok videos, the camera also has an Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), which keeps images and footage perfectly still. It also has an 8MP ultrawide lens, a 2MP Macro lens, and a 2MP depth lens.

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The Galaxy A22 also includes a sophisticated AI camera for capturing the greatest images. Night Mode combines 12 frames to create a photo that is both sturdy and vivid. Scene Optimizer recognizes 20 different types of scenarios and automatically adjusts the exposure, contrast, white balance, and other settings. On the other hand, my Filters can hold up to 99 different settings that represent various moods and aesthetics.

The Galaxy A22 also offers a 13MP Selfie Camera with Selfie Focus and Smart Beauty for stunning selfies.

The Galaxy A22's 6.4" Super AMOLED Display, " revealing vibrant and realistic colors even when outside, makes the content look stunning. Scrolling and moving between apps are smoother and with fewer lags, thanks to the smartphone's 90Hz refresh rate. In addition, Samsung's Eye Comfort Shield filters out harmful blue light, making smartphone use more pleasant at night.

Not only can the Galaxy A22 keep up with any creator's creativity, but it can also keep up with their energy. The smartphone has a 5,000mAh battery, allowing them to shoot all day without running out of juice. When the battery runs out, the 15W Fast Charging function gets them back online.

The Galaxy A22 is currently available for purchase at the Samsung Online Store and Experience Stores for PHP 11,990 SRP. Those who want to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy A-series will also be treated to some fantastic promotions:

  • Until September 30, you can get the Galaxy A22 for as little as PHP 481 per month with 0% interest for 18 months via Home Credit.
  • For the next six months, enjoy 0% interest on any credit card with flexible payment options until September 30. Furthermore, after joining Samsung Members till November 30th, you can get a year of VIU Premium for free.

The Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, which is now available for PHP 13,990 SRP at the Samsung Online Store and Experience Stores, is another option for content creators who want to step up their game. Customers may also get the Galaxy A22 5G with 0% APR through Home Credit and flexible credit card payments till September 30. In addition, they can also get a year of VIU Premium for free if they join Samsung Members before November 30.

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