Carrier Philippines' "Invisible Event" delights the senses and promotes a healthy, safe, and joyful home life.

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Carrier Philippines today introduced its new message, "The Science of Indoor Living," at an "Invisible Event" that provided attendees with a multisensory experience, highlighting the company's commitment to making life at home healthier, safer, and more comfortable in the new normal.

Carrier Philippines' "Invisible Event" delights the senses and promotes a healthy, safe, and joyful home life.
Carrier Philippines' "Invisible Event" delights the senses and promotes a healthy, safe, and joyful home life.

Carrier, the world's air care expert, showcased the power of the invisible - Carrier's technology and solutions that work in the background to enhance conditions and filter out similarly unseen pollutants, allergens, and infections—by playing on the audience's senses.

To that end, a pre-selected group of volunteers received PR kits with products such as a grazing box containing dark chocolate bark and ground coffee, microfiber towels, vanilla-scented sprays, and UV flashlights.

When visitors came for the event, they were met by a Moss Design House studio set resembling a conventional talk show but devoid of hosts and guests. The stage remained motionless during the event to enhance the sensory experience, while hosts Anne Asis and Show Suzuki communicated with the audience only by voiceover.

Anne and Show guided guests through four different event parts, educating them on utilizing various items in their PR kits at specific times to enhance meaningful sensory experiences and discussing the science behind each. The purpose was to give guests information that would help them improve their home life while also showcasing how Carrier products could help them achieve these goals.

The first section, titled "The Science of Better Learning," investigated how external factors such as music, food, and room temperature could improve cognitive function, increase brain activity, and boost overall productivity. For example, carrier air conditioners were recognized for their capacity to achieve the ideal room productivity temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius. At the same time, classical music and chocolates were mentioned for their potential to boost learning and concentration.

"The Science of Carefree Cooling and Relaxing Sleep," the second section, concentrates on comfort and relaxation. Anne and Show stressed the importance of obtaining a good night's sleep and how clean air and proper temperature control, which Carrier air conditioners such as the dependable and cost-effective Crystal 2 Inverter can deliver, may help. The hosts continued by highlighting the benefits of a warm home atmosphere by emphasizing touch with soft-touch materials such as microfiber and smell with vanilla perfume. They showed how Carrier's XPower Gold 3 and its Ultrafresh filter absorb and break down smoke, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds while preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading.

The third section, titled "The Science of Safer Breathing," focused on clean air and how it affects more than just breathing: smell and taste interact, and air quality may influence one's emotions and even manifest on the skin. According to Anne and Show, indoor air pollution can be ten times worse than outdoor air pollution due to inadequate interior exhaust and ventilation and the resulting buildup of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Carrier's Air Purifier has three-stage filters that efficiently trap pollutants and allergens, as well as UV-C light that kills harmful bacteria, so it's well-equipped to help ensure good indoor air quality. Because some fragrances, such as coffee, can improve mood and memory, the distinctive aroma of coffee beans is served to cement this section's learnings.

"The Invisible Science," the fourth and final segment, was titled. Using ultraviolet light, guests were able to decipher a code hidden in plain sight inside their PR kits, which enabled them to receive a special discount. Even though they were staring at a static set for the duration of the event, guests were startled to learn that Carrier's XPower Gold air conditioning and Air Purifier had been filtering and freezing the air in the room the entire time.

These discoveries underscored Carrier's dedication to providing technology that makes homes healthier, safer, and more enjoyable while remaining transparent and inconspicuous despite operating full-time in the background.

To discover more about Carrier and its groundbreaking products, go to and follow Carrier Philippines on Facebook and Instagram @ carrier_ph.

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