Earn 6% interest rate with Maya's new savings feature powered by Maya Bank!

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Maya, the nation's all-in-one money app, powered by Maya Bank, makes it easier to achieve life goals like a new phone, a much-needed family trip, a seed investment for a side business, and a down payment for a beginning condo unit.

Earn 6% interest rate with Maya's new savings feature powered by Maya Bank!
 Earn a 6% interest rate with Maya's new savings feature powered by Maya Bank!

Personal Objectives, the newest digital banking product from Maya, was just released. It enables users to save for various life goals while earning 6 percent annually, one of the highest interest rates on the market.

You may quickly create up to five active objectives in Maya Savings, each with a target amount and timeframe of up to six months. The best thing is that you can earn 6% interest on deposits for up to P1 million in Personal Goals, per goal.

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"Achieving goals, no matter how modest, is satisfying. Filipinos can set their own objectives, monitor their progress, and commemorate accomplishments with the aid of Maya's Personal Goals. It's a fantastic method to teach our people about money management and improve the pleasure of saving, "added Angelo Madrid, president of Maya Bank.

It's simple to start working on your personal goals:
  1. Open the Maya app, go to Savings, and select "Create a Personal Goal."
  2. Decide which mood best serves your specific objective.
  3. Type in the goal's name, deadline date, and budget, then click Continue.
  4. Review the details of your goal, select Confirm, and enter the one-time password (OTP).
  5. Make a deposit to begin saving money and get a 6% interest rate while you're at it!

It's simple to add money to your Maya Savings. Clients can make deposits to their Maya Savings and Personal Goals accounts via Pesonet. At more than 90,000 touchpoints nationally, they may also instantly withdraw money for free from their Maya wallet and transfer it for free to their savings accounts. All Maya Centers, BPI and Unionbank online, Ministop, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Palawan Pawnshop, and more are among the touchpoints where Maya offers free cash.

The Maya app, formerly known as PayMaya, has been available for more than two months and is still the best-rated banking software on Google Play and the App Store. Its feature-rich e-wallet includes elements like cryptocurrencies, micro-investments, and insurance and effortlessly connects digital banking services supplied by Maya Bank, such as savings and credit. Customers of Maya can attach up to three physical Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards in addition to receiving their own virtual Visa card within the app.

PayMaya Philippines, the top digital payments provider in the nation, and Maya Bank, one of only six digital banks authorized by the BSP, power Maya. Maya, the only all-in-one money app in the Philippines, guides millions of Filipinos into a digital economy that is more inclusive, transparent, and empowering. This includes consumers, businesses, communities, and government organizations. For further details, go to www.maya.ph and www.mayabank.ph.

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