The Fab Tab: Meet the realme Pad

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Tech brand realme seems to have a knack for doing things right the first time. Its first laptop offering, the realme Book, brought some promising features for an economical price tag. Here comes again another one of its remarkable firsts -- the realme Pad. Should this device be your next gadget purchase? Find out as we list its top selling points.

The Fab Tab: Meet the realme Pad
The Fab Tab: Meet the realme Pad

Screen so immersive, you might get lost in it

The realme Pad is pegged as an ideal device for those who are heavy in multimedia and entertainment consumption. A tell-tale of this is how big its screen is, with a crystal-clear display quality as the cherry on top. This tablet shines in all its glory with a 10.4-inch screen in 2000 x 1200 resolution. Plus, realme equipped its first-ever tablet with thin bezels for that all-screen experience with an 82.5% screen-to-body ratio. With these specs alone, you can already have an idea of how the realme Pad delivers a treat to the eyes.

Design so sleek, you’d want to flaunt it

Devices that are minimalist yet premium-looking have a different charm, and the realme Pad is an example of that. Its metal exterior and slim body are indicators that apart from the aesthetics, realme also considered ergonomics. The realme Pad is easy and light to hold, making it a good daily driver since it can be easily slipped inside bags. Its thickness is only 6.99 mm, while it weighs only 440 grams.

What adds to its overall alluring physique with rounded edges is its neat rear slate, carrying only the realme branding on the lower right side, and the single-camera lens on the upper left side. This device is available in beautiful and sophisticated colors of Real Gold and Real Gray.

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Performance so smooth, you won’t help but be productive

A tablet like the realme Pad with capable internals is also a good companion for professionals on the go who don’t want to bring their laptops with them all the time. The realme Pad can multitask seamlessly and can run multiple apps simultaneously, thanks to its Helio G80 processor, which by the way, is also engineered for gaming. So in case,
 you’d want to take a break from all your tasks and play a quick game, the realme Pad can also accommodate you on that. In addition to the mentioned chipset, this tablet also comes in memory and storage options of 3GB + 32GB, 4GB + 64GB, and 6GB + 128 GB.

Going back to its multitasking capabilities, the realme Pad has a Multi-Window mode that leverages the tablet’s large screen to display two windows at the same time. For bibliophiles who are also fond of reading e-books, the realme Pad can also be your book buddy with its Reading Mode that mimics the texture of a book’s pages.

This tablet also has the Dark Mode to avoid eye strain even when you use the tablet in dim-lit areas and the Night Mode that reduces the brightness to 2 nits for eye protection when you use the realme Pad in areas where lights are off. There’s also the Sunlight Mode that makes the realme Pad’s screen still visible even when used outdoors, and lastly, the Eye Comfort Mode, another option to avoid eye strain.

Another productivity feature of the realme Pad is its 8-megapixel front camera and its dual-mic clear voice perfect for video calls. This is also the same camera used for the tablet’s Face Recognition feature for easier and secure device access.

Plus, the realme Pad can be seamlessly connected to other devices through the Nearby Share, Open-up Auto Connection, and screencasting.

Price so good, you’d want to add it to your cart

The realme Pad starts at PhP 10,990 for the 3+32GB model, PhP 14,990 for the 4+64GB variant, and PhP 16,990 for the 6+128GB version. It’s available on the realme official store on Shopee.

Watch out for our full review of the realme Pad coming real soon to get to know more about this device.

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