At the Amazon SEA Seller Summit, LOCAD CEO gives tips on how online retailers may enter the regional e-commerce sector.

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Two of the most important factors required to conquer the Southeast Asian e-commerce market are excellent customer service and localized fulfillment. During the Amazon Southeast Asia (SEA) Seller Summit 2022, held virtually in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines on January 14, 19, and 20, respectively, LOCAD Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Constantin Robertz focused on how online sellers interested in breaking into new regions can benefit from the booming Southeast Asian consumers.

At the Amazon SEA Seller Summit, LOCAD CEO gives tips on how online retailers may enter into the regional e-commerce sector.
At the Amazon SEA Seller Summit, LOCAD CEO gives tips on how online retailers may enter the regional e-commerce sector.

Southeast Asia, according to Robertz, is "one of the world's most dynamic and fast-growing e-commerce markets," with the epidemic hastening the region's e-commerce adoption, attracting more than 350 million Southeast Asian digital consumers since 2016.

The fast-growing consumer acceptance of e-commerce in Southeast Asia, according to the LOCAD CEO, will assist worldwide vendors looking to expand their businesses beyond their immediate borders. In fact, in 2021, the number of new e-commerce consumers in Southeast Asia hit a new high of 40 million.

Because the SEA market is "still in its early phases," e-commerce enterprises in the region have a huge possibility to expand by capturing more of the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asian countries, according to Robertz. In 2021, eight out of ten new e-commerce platform users in Southeast Asia will have made at least one online transaction, with existing users paying four times more.

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He also mentioned that up-to-date software, a diversified warehousing network in numerous locations throughout significant metropolitan regions, and a dependable delivery supplier are all variables that can decide an online merchant's success in Southeast Asia. Customer-centric service influences consumer decisions, as satisfied customers spend 1.2 times more than unsatisfied customers.

In a similar vein, Robertz stated that consumers in Southeast Asia place a high value on speedier delivery times, greater availability, and a positive customer delivery experience. Around 42% of customers will switch to a store that sells products and services that are good value for money. He attributed LOCAD's success in the region and high levels of customer satisfaction to their real-time and data-driven service, recommending global merchants to invest in an end-to-end platform with a fulfillment infrastructure that helps them cost-effectively expedite orders.

LOCAD is a cloud logistics network that helps entrepreneurs and businesses fulfill e-commerce orders. It is devoted to reducing transit times, lowering shipping costs, and improving the customer delivery experience as a dependable multi-channel fulfillment partner.

Aside from LOCAD, more than 30 Amazon professionals and successful online sellers spoke in over 15 breakout sessions about developing a popular and lucrative e-commerce firm. Advertising, brand creation, shipping, and fulfillment, as well as how to manage to sell abroad, were all covered throughout the three-day summit.

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