Meralco's Orange Tag Has Been Affixed to LG Commercial Washers

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A lot of home appliances advertise their ability to save money. They may be able to talk the talk, but will they be able to walk the walk? One of the world's leading innovators in technology, LG Electronics puts its money where its mouth is, with the Meralco Power Lab testing and awarding an orange designation to the South Korean brand's commercial washers.

Meralco's Orange Tag Has Been Affixed to LG Commercial Washers
Meralco's Orange Tag Has Been Affixed to LG Commercial Washers

Meralco's orange tag serves as a security, approval, and transparency mark by providing a close approximation of how much power each appliance uses and how much it costs. There is no room for error, and nothing is left to chance. You can see how much consumption you'll have before you buy, allowing you to make an informed decision right now.

Meralco evaluated two of LG's most popular commercial washers, which are widely used in local laundries. They are the most cost-effective option for both business owners and customers. According to Meralco's studies, Giant C Max Washers cost Php 0.81 per wash, whereas Titan C Max Washers cost Php 1.05 per wash. This energy efficiency enhances your operations while also increasing your overall savings.

A strong inverter controls both washing machines from behind the scenes. LG Commercial Laundry machines' Inverter Direct Drive drums are directly connected to the motor, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. It also comes with a 3+1 Hygiene Care Laundry System, which sanitizes your washers before, during, and after each load. The Clean Tub Cycle, for starters, cleans the tub in three minutes before usage. Following that, the Hygiene Cycle can assist in sterilizing clothes, and finally, an Intensive Tub Cleaning Cycle can be run once the load is finished.

The Gyro Balancing System, which creates low noise and reduced vibration, also makes the washers quiet. LG Commercial Laundry machines emit low enough noise and vibration for users to focus on other things while waiting, producing a comfortable environment that may fulfill the needs of a wide range of consumers.

The atomizing and dual spray features are other important aspects of LG industrial washers. This feature spins your clothing while continuously rinsing them, resulting in a faster wash and a greater customer rotation rate. You don't have to remove surplus suds from the door glass with Atomizing Spray because it also sprays water on it. It's all about maximizing operational effectiveness. An Auto Dosing System is also in place to make the whole process easier for consumers by supplying regular volumes of detergent, bleach, and softener for each cycle.

LG can help you save money in your commercial laundry business. For more information on commercial laundry solutions, visit and the LG Commercial Laundry PH Facebook page.

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