PIE Channel Delivers Fun And Prizes On TV

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Starting May 23, a new groundbreaking TV and a digital channel called PIE (short for Pinoy Interactive Entertainment) will give the traditional viewing experience a digital boost. Tune in to BEAM on TV or the PIE website to enjoy the time of your life with PIE's exuberant jocks and be among the winners of cash prizes from a total pool of P10 million.

PIE Channel Delivers Fun And Prizes On TV
PIE Channel Delivers Fun And Prizes On TV

Every 7 a.m. at PIESILOG, everyone's favorite neighbor, "Mayora" Frances Cabatuando of the Home Buddies Facebook community, will bring you pertinent information, inspiring anecdotes, and positive energy. Sela Guia, "Kwelang Kuya ng Lahat" Tristan Ramirez, "Bibong Artist" Raco Ruiz, "Good Boy Charmer" Jae Miranda, and "VJ na Laging May Say" Eryka Lucas are among the cast members.

BARANGAY PIE will be your cheerful lunch companion come noon. Join Mayor TV, "Ang Tito Mong Mayor" Abby Trinidad, "Barangay Talak-Tokerist" Ruth Paga, "Sawsawera ng Barangay" Sunshine Teodoro, "Barangay Queen Sirena" Inah Evans, "Barangay Sexy-Tary" Patsy Reyes, and "Sizt-mosa ng Barangay" Coco Cordero in their antics.

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This eclectic group of characters from a typical Pinoy neighborhood delivers off-kilter news in humorous and clever ways–the ideal diversion from the monotony of work and school.

The thrills continue every day at 4:00 p.m. PIEGALINGAN is a unique talent variety show that airs on television to promote the uniqueness of participants who aren't generally featured on television. PIEGALINGAN hosts Ralph Malibunas of "G sa Lahat ng Gimik" and "Try-It," beauty queen/actor Sam Bernardo of "Reynang All-Out ang Support," and actor/host Eris Aragoza of "Bidabro" and "Promotor ng Trip" will be on hand to congratulate contestants on their accomplishments, large or small.

PIE's winning block PIENALO provides an interactive experience wherever you are in the Philippines, with countless rewards at stake.

With "Goal-Oriented Achiever," you may enjoy this engaging experience on your mobile phone. "Ang Raketerang Breadwinner ng Visayas," by Eian Rances Kevin Montillano, Nicki Morena, and Ninong Ry, the "Happy-Go-Lucky Bunso ng TroPIE." These PIENALO jocks are aware of the difficulties that certain decisions can entail and the reality that people from various backgrounds face.

The classic game program "Pera o Bayong" has a new interactive version on PIE, with prizes given to fans at home every hour. PIE viewers will collaborate to uncover the Philippines' next major digital content producer on "Palong Follow."

If you want to channel your inner "Marites," PIE Night Long is the perfect evening companion. The show highlights popular, contemporary Pinoy stories, and you can participate in the storytelling process by sharing your thoughts and feelings. "UZI," the country's first interactive teleserye, allows viewers to influence what occurs next and co-write the tale.

PIE Night Long is a place where you may comfortably express your deepest concerns and insecurities, as well as your life's greatest highs, hosted by "Fun-Loving and Woke Gen Z" Aaron Maniego, "The Hopeless Romantic Love Guru" Karen Bordador, and "The Sweet and Conservative Musician" Renee Dominique.

PIE is giving away P10 million in cash prizes to viewers for three months, beginning on the day of the show's debut. So watch our shows, participate in our games, and you could win!

On May 22, KD Estrada, Alexa Ilacad, P-POP Girl Group BINI, Renee Dominique, and John Roa will debut the channel's official song and station ID.

"Filipinos yearn for a sense of community, and PIE intends to fill that void." Those who watch PIE become more than just watchers; they become active participants in the narrative, game shows, and conversation shows. PIE is accessible to Filipinos who want to explore a new way to consume—and engage with—the shows they love, whether on their TV sets, laptops, desktops, or mobile devices," stated KROMA Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Ian Monsod.

"We're delighted to expose you to a new viewing experience that blends the best of content and technology here at PIE." Our shows are geared toward the young and young-at-heart! Because we feel that they are vital slices of the PIE, we make our programs interactive so that viewers may participate via TV and mobile devices. Every day, this new entertainment channel will have 21 hours of exciting game shows, talent and variety shows, series, and chat shows," said Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN Chief Operating Officer of Broadcast.

PIE, the Philippines' first multiscreen, real-time interactive TV channel, is a collaboration between BEAM, 917Ventures, KROMA, and ABS-CBN, the country's top storyteller, and content provider. It will be broadcast every day from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. on partner station BEAM to 11 million digital TV households in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Zamboanga, Naga, Baguio, and neighboring provinces.

Scan your digibox for the PIE channel, or view it on its website pie.com.ph, YouTube (http://youtube.com/iampieofficial), or Sky Cable Channel 21. Beginning May 28, 2022, you may also watch PIE live on GCash GLife. PIE (@iamPIEofficial) can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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