10 favorite Google Play moments over the past ten years

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10 favorite Google Play moments over the past ten years

Since Google Play's inception ten years ago, its goal has remained the same: to support app developers and connect users to the apps that matter to them. More than 2.5 billion people use Google Play each month to find applications, games, and other digital entertainment, and over 2 million developers collaborate with Google to expand their brands and connect with customers worldwide. Here are Google Play's ten major achievements from the past ten years, both internationally and in APAC:

10 favorite Google Play moments over the past ten years
10 favorite Google Play moments over the past ten years

1. Different methods to enjoy games and apps: Google Play Pass, which debuted on February 28, 2022, in India, and Google Play Instant brought new ways to experience apps and games. In addition, consumers can accrue points and incentives through Google Play Points, which made its debut in Japan on September 18, 2018. More than 100 million people have enrolled in the program so far!

2. Playable games on more devices: Google Play Games for PC has entered beta testing in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, making it simple to play games on Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs.

3. A celebration of beloved applications and games: Google Play's "Best of" awards honor the best software, games, and other materials available on the store. Over the years, it has grown to 19 nations, included additional categories like "Best Hidden Gems" and "Best Apps for Good," and added a "Users' Choice Award" that recognizes the most popular apps and their creators.

4. A secure and reliable environment: To keep devices, data, and apps secure, Google Play Protect, integrated malware protection for Android, now analyzes and validates over 100 billion apps daily. Google introduced a new Data safety section earlier this year, where developers are required to provide more details about how their apps acquire, distribute, and safeguard data.

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5. Support for developers of all sizes: Google is dedicated to assisting developers in expanding their businesses. This includes offering technical and business consulting as well as aiding small studios through initiatives like the Indie Games Accelerator (IGA), which was initially introduced in Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan. Monstronauts, a Filipino development team responsible for the mobile games Potion Punch and Potion Punch 2, is one of the first groups of developers to join IGA.

The first in-office Developer Space opens in Singapore in 2019 to provide additional support for developers in the SEA area.

6. Support for nonprofits: Google Play allows users to donate to good causes and even utilize Play Points to do so, with all funds going solely to the organizations receiving them.

7. Greater representation in gaming: Google Play's Change The Game program celebrates and supports women as players and creators through research, youth involvement, and collaborations.

8. Resources for parents: The Kids tab in Google Play makes it simple for parents to browse and select apps that have been recommended by teachers, and the Kids Space mode on some Android tablets offers apps, books, and movies for your children to explore. In addition, Family Link provides parents with the resources they need to participate in and supervise their children's online activities.

9. Support for local economies: Collaborating with the developer community has helped improve apps and games for users worldwide, generate new employment opportunities, and boost local economies. The Economic Impact Report 2021 states that the Google Play platform generates roughly Php384 million (USD7.8 million) in income for app developers each year from both domestic and foreign markets. Android enables app developers to target more than 1 billion people globally and save up to 25% of development time.

10. A new look: To close off this decade, Google is unveiling a new Play logo that more accurately captures the magic of the search engine giant and harmonizes with the branding of many of its useful products, including Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and others.

It's very fascinating to see what else Google Play has in store for us over the next 10 years and beyond, especially because all of that has happened in the first 10 years alone. Google Play turns 10 today!

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