Playpark's new games for 2022 will take you to exciting new worlds.

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Playpark's new games for 2022 will take you to exciting new worlds.

Playpark, Inc., a subsidiary of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited, announced the release of their upcoming online games: Elyon SEA - Ascent Infinite Realm, Dream of a New World SEA, Tera Classic SEA, and Noah's Heart SEA.

Playpark's new games for 2022 will take you to exciting new worlds.
Playpark's new games for 2022 will take you to exciting new worlds.

Playpark, Inc. held a huge media and press event in the Philippines on June 23. It was called Playpark Launchpad 2022 and was meant to celebrate the upcoming release of these online games. Due to the global pandemic, this is PlayPark's first on-site media event in more than two years. It's also a way for them to get back in touch with their media partners.

Klean Kanteen and other brand partners put on fun activities, games and gave away prizes for the media, press, and invited influencers. At this round table event, people who had been invited talked about questions and news about when new games would be out.

PlayPark Launchpad 2022 is the result of the company's continued work with well-known game developers and publishers to get more people to play great games. Game download sites and physical platforms like smartphones have made it easier and more accessible for people to play games. As a result, there are now more game titles and genres than ever.

The MMORPG genre was one of the first truly online games, and thanks to PlayPark Launchpad 2022, the community can look forward to more games to try out and enjoy with their friends. These games from PlayPark will bring out the MMO gamer in you. They range from easy and nostalgic to hardcore and challenging. Here's an overview of what you can expect at PlayPark:

Elyon SEA - Ascent Infinite Realm

Krafton made the MMORPG Elyon, which has a steampunk style. The fight between the kingdoms of Vulpin and Ontari is the game's primary focus. The game's non-target combat system makes the two groups fight each other in massive battles. Find out about the huge battles between realms in Elyon's epic open world, which occur both in the air and on the ground. Pick a battlefield and work with your allies to get the glory.

Dream of a New World SEA

Dream of a New World brings an epic world to life with turn-based RPG combat and bright graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. Capture and evolve pets to get powerful skills that will help your team and help your guildmates decorate your home and village. Join cross-server PvP battles to show off your skills and become the king of the hill on your server to show off your power.

TERA Classic SEA

Based on the famous PC game TERA Online, TERA Classic is a mobile MMORPG with an open world. TERA Classic has been praised as a faithful PC version port that keeps the original game's best parts. It has also kept the classic charm of the original game.

Noah’s Heart SEA

Noah's Heart is a mobile game made with Unreal Engine 4 that lets players roam worldwide at will. Get into the different atmospheres, landscapes, and places. You can fight hundreds of monsters and NPCs, all of which can talk to you, and you can also call on your pet Phantom to help you fight. In addition, Noah's Heart has a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system that lets players realistically explore the world in a virtual setting. In Noah's Heart, players can choose to give their characters unique faces, hairstyles, and poses.

PlayPark was also happy to announce a long-term partnership with PC Express, one of the country's top tech and gadget stores. PC Express has always been a supporter of gaming. They work with brands, companies, streamers, and gamers of all kinds to ensure they have the latest gadgets, hardware, and accessories so that everyone can play at their best.

Because of this partnership, gamers can expect to hear about and buy exclusive bundles of gadgets and accessories on the PlayPark and PC Express platforms to go along with the release of the next games.

Follow the Official PC Express Facebook page and visit their website to learn more about their deals. Check out the official PlayPark Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

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