The world of gaming is one that is ever-changing.

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The world of gaming is one that is ever-changing.

Gaming will always be popular, whether it is on large arcade machines, early personal computers, or modern smartphones, tablets, and powerful PCs. In truth, the gaming industry has advanced to levels that no one could have predicted, and hardware for gaming has followed suit.

The world of gaming is one that is ever-changing.
The world of gaming is one that is ever-changing.

But regardless of how much gaming equipment has changed—from pulling levers to pressing buttons to eventually clicking a mouse—gamers' attitudes have remained constant. As long as the world of electronic sports, or e-sports, continues to pique the interest of the current generation of gamers, it will always be about having fun and being exciting, together with excellent IT technology that can manage the demanding requirements that new generations of games impose.

Aorus is a premium gaming brand powered by GIGABYTE and one of the first companies to help reshape the gaming industry. It offers a full range of gaming products, including gaming laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards, and other exceptional gaming hardware and gears for that extreme gaming experience that serious gamers from around the world seek out so they can team up and compete.

As a global leader in gaming, video production, business and productivity, and AIoT solutions, MSI is unquestionably the ideal partner if you want to get your game on. With a substantial product portfolio that includes laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops, peripherals, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances, vehicle infotainment, and telematics systems, MSI is a leading brand that influences the direction of technology worldwide and in more than 120 countries.

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Predator, a gaming brand created by diehard gamers for diehard gamers, made a splash by providing the ultimate product experience despite entering the fiercely competitive gaming market rather late. The stunning Predator Thronos Air, a screen-filled paradise for the gamers with distinctive tastes, a professional-grade, massage-cushioned haven that will make every gamer drool with excitement, made Predator the first gaming brand to win a coveted Red Dot Brand Award in 2019. These products include desktops, laptops, monitors, and accessories.

According to the adage, neither action nor technology should sleep, thus Republic of Gamers (ROG) pledged to give gamers and fans everywhere an extraordinary experience. The ROG brand prides itself on innovation, which has helped it become the market leader in gaming systems and PC components. Its superior graphics cards enabled smooth gameplay and faster performance, while its motherboards made hardcore overclocking more approachable. While its ultra-thin form factor gaming laptops continue to deliver desktop-class performance, ROG displays continue to aggressively integrate the most recent display technologies that have significantly transformed the landscape of gaming.

Predator, MSI, and Aorus. Federation of Gamers. These are just a few of the several award-winning IT companies that have their roots in Taiwan, have made a name for themselves in the gaming industry, and are still the go-to sources for most gamers today. These brands are unquestionably appropriate for gamers.

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